How many dogs do you see in this optical illusion? The result indicates your mental age

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How many dogs do you see in this illustration?

dogs 001

Dog Count Test – Source: spm

According to the creators of certain optical illusions, it is possible to determine some of our character traits by providing a quick answer. In this case, these dog drawings can determine your psychological age. Concretely, it turns out that the number of years our brain “feels” does not necessarily have to coincide with our biological age. To verify this, just take a closer look at the photo, determine how many dogs are hidden in this optical illusion, and compare the result with the analysis described below.

Note that the dog mystery quickly spread on TikTok. Many netizens have played this game to try to determine their psychological age.

Your goal is simple: focus on the picture, look at it carefully for 10 seconds, and give an honest answer.

This test says a lot about your mental age…

Find the number

Find the number – Source: spm

In general, it is never easy to assess psychological age. It is characterized by a number of factors: the way you interact with your environment, your openness, your tolerance towards others, the attitude you adopt in the face of the passage of time, your ability to view yourself in the future, etc. So it is always interesting to have some tools to help you better identify it.

Now let’s see what age group you fall into:

  • Did you spot four dogs in the picture? So your mental age swings between 20-25 years. This means that you are an extroverted, adventurous and curious person, always looking for new experiences. You do not like tensions or disagreements, but rather aspire to live at peace with yourself and with your loved ones.
  • Did you count five dogs? Your psychological age ranges from 25 to 30 years. You are a person inclined to personal development: it would be good to work on yourself to better cope with certain situations in life. You don’t necessarily want to try something new because you feel safe in your comfort zone. But you tend to be in control all the time. Perhaps you should learn to let go from time to time.
  • Did you identify six dogs in an optical illusion? This means that your mental age is between 30 and 40 years. Your priority is always stability and peace. You distance yourself from conflicts and know how to show maturity as a rule. You do not like to interfere in the lives of others, but you can count on your credibility, loyalty and analytical mind.
  • Did you manage to find seven dogs in the picture? Your psychological age ranges from 10 to 20 years. It signifies a certain innocence and freshness of the soul. You have a pure soul, full of faith, optimism and hope for the future. Never give up on what makes you happy and what fascinates you all the time. Your personality is precious: you are in the body of an adult with the soul of a child.

Feel free to enjoy all these fun quizzes. Not only is it a great exercise to boost your cognitive abilities, but you can also learn more about yourself and your personality.

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