Why is it important to leave the bathroom door open after showering?

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Whether you are taking a shower or bathing, you should always remember to leave the bathroom door open. We explain why.

Why do you leave the bathroom door open after showering or bathing?

It’s hard to resist a hot shower, especially after a long day at the office. However, with the onset of winter, the idea of ​​enjoying a hot shower or bathtub is becoming more and more virtual. Because, It’s time to save money in the face of high energy prices. Therefore, reducing your electricity consumption quickly becomes an obsession. If this sounds trivial, know that it is possible to warm your home for longer by leaving the bathroom door open after you shower or bath.

Enjoy the steam with the bathroom door open

It may be a detail to you, but leaving the bathroom door open after a good hot shower can be helpful in more ways than one. In fact, Steam and heat from the shower can spread into the surrounding rooms from where you live. As a result, you will not need to turn on the heating, which will actually allow you to achieve some significant energy savings. The same goes for the kitchen door. In fact, after you’ve cooked your food in the oven, remember to leave the door to this room open. In this way, the heat from the furnace can spread to the nearest other rooms.

Also, leave the bathroom door open after taking a shower, It will naturally evacuate the mist that will arise within this part. Especially if the latter is especially wet.

Mist on the bathroom mirror

Mist on the bathroom mirror. Source: spm

Reduce humidity in the bathroom and other rooms of the house by leaving the door open

It is definitely recommended to open the bathroom door to take advantage of the heat that this room emits after a very hot shower, but you should also consider doing this for another reason.

In fact, between Showering, bathing and drying textiles, the bath ends up producing a large amount of water vapor. A situation that can cause real problems with humidity, especially if the bathroom has no windows. A problematic situation that may eventually lead to the destruction of this important part of any home.

To avoid this, it is recommended to ventilate the bathroom as soon as you get out of the shower to reduce the moisture problem. How ? Departure The door to this room is opened as long as possible in order to renew the surrounding air and reduce mold growth. Otherwise, you can always use moisture absorbers. Even if this solution does not seem viable in the long run, it will make it possible to clean an extremely damp bathroom while you wait to call a professional, who in turn will offer you real solutions to treat your bathroom’s moisture problems.

In addition, the heat and steam from the bathroom can also increase the spread of moisture in your home. To avoid this, feel free to install dehumidifiers, especially in poorly ventilated rooms. This effective, simple and economical solution makes it possible to absorb ambient moisture while reducing the degree of humidity.

As you can see, leaving the bathroom door open after a hot shower will help you a lot. So feel free to adopt this reflex in the future!

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