WhatsApp: What does the yellow heart emoji mean and when should it be used?

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Not everyone knows the exact meaning of the emoji used. Many send them only assuming what they conjure up, and sometimes even risk using them in the wrong context. To avoid this, it is better to know the different meanings and make sure to send it all in all, as there are still hundreds in WhatsApp, the fit. So the yellow heart emoji has several characteristics. Let’s find out what these emojis actually mean and why they are associated with luck.

All colors of heart emoji

All heart emoji colors – Source: spm

What does the yellow heart emoji mean and how does it relate to luck?

The yellow heart icon is one of the most popular emoji among WhatsApp users. If it is often associated with luck, it is because many of us send it to their wishes We wish you good luck or good luck to your loved ones. However, this will not be the true meaning of the yellow heart emoji. Its true meaning is far from that.

yellow heart emoji

yellow heart emoji – Source: spm

It was really believed to express love in its pure and sincere form. Other than the expression of the couple’s love associated with the red heart synonymous with passion, the yellow heart is sent to the person who generates in us a feeling of love mixed with camaraderie, brotherhood or solidarity again. This is why it will be used more for friends and family. Happiness, joy and beautiful friendship represented in the yellow heart in addition to positivity and hope.

The expression “the sun of my life” can perfectly follow a yellow heart when a parent addresses their child, for example. Adds yellow heart More emotional impact in the sentence.

Besides these meanings, the yellow heart can also be used to express someone who is worthy of trust, respect or sympathy. This emoji, also called “heart of gold”, is also for those who browse Honesty and caring for those around them.

For more details, each social networking app has its own version of yellow heart emoji. On Snapchat, for example, the yellow heart is often the best emoji to represent the friendly closeness between members of the app. This emoji stands for the people you usually send photos and chat with.

The yellow heart emoji can also be associated with the season

The heart emoji also lends itself to another context, the context of the seasons. And for good reason, It is often used in the spring, Separation of purity and the sun that caress the skin gently luster. Thus, spring is an opportunity to use the yellow heart to represent it in a message or in the case of Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram. Thus the yellow heart is compared to the color and light inherent in spring.

You can also use it in case of reconciliation after an argument or misunderstanding between you and a loved one. Suffice it to say that it is an emoji of peace and charity.

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