The couple’s daughter is Métis Samia. His photos impressed the netizens

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It is very common for children of mixed couples of different origins and skin tones to give very beautiful babies. Such is the case of this exceptionally beautiful little girl, the fruit of a perfect combination of genes.

Couple Ksenia and Ugo together

Spouses Ksenia and Ugo together – Source: spm

Who is this extraordinary plastic pair?

Ksenia Belousova, 35, is a famous Russian model from the remake of Dancing with the Stars. With a height of 180 cm, she is engaged to the Italian-Ghanaian football player Ugo Okah. The couple has a daughter, Vivian, who is six and a half years old. Ksenia’s boyfriend is a defender for the professional team in Selangor, Malaysia. The two, whose love story was born at first sight, often posed together for photo shoots, like the Playboy story.

Ksenia was born and raised in Siberia. At the age of 16, she won several beauty contests. Fascinated by her modeling work, she decided to leave Russia and go to the United States where she began working as a lifeguard at sea and a babysitter before arriving in the world of modeling. In addition to appearing in Playboy magazine, she represented the popular Guess brand. She is a close friend of Irina Shayk, her compatriot and ex-boyfriend of actor Bradley Cooper. The model is very popular on social networks: she has more than six hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

At the age of five, their child won the title of the most beautiful little girl in the world

couple's daughter

The couple’s daughter – Source: spm

Vivian, Ksenia and Ugo's daughter

Vivian, daughter of Ksenia and Ugo – Source: spm

Ksenia and her daughter Vivian

Ksenia and her daughter Vivian – Source: spm

Many consider Vivian, the daughter of Ksenia and Ugo, the most beautiful little girl in the world. Mixing such different genes can create something really beautiful.

Everything indicates that in twenty years, Vivian will be a beautiful woman.

Last year, little Vivian saw the birth of her little sister. Although the girl is not yet a year old, it can already be seen that she will also become a beautiful woman in the future. The whole family is very excited. So it is not surprising that we find many family photos on social networks.

So Ksenia Belousova and Ugo Ukah form an incredibly mixed-race couple. Together they raise two daughters. The two girls impress netizens around the world for their beauty.

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