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Knot trick: the little-known “trick” to easily dust off the radiator before starting it

If you find that your radiator is somewhat malfunctioning, it may be due to a lack of maintenance. Here’s how to fix it using this trick.

The trick that allows you to dust the radiator more quickly and efficiently

With the sharp drop in temperatures, many households activate the radiator to warm themselves. But before you can get that device working again, it would be a good idea to clean it up. In fact, you wouldn’t be surprised to see a buildup of dust and mites in your device. A situation that prevents your coolant from working properly. consequences, The heat strength and performance of the device will be reduced and the risk of allergy will be doubled. To remedy this, you can use this trick that will remove all the dust accumulated by your coolant throughout its idle period.

Clean the dusty radiator. Source: spm

Knot trick to clean coolant

If you’ve tried all the techniques for radiator dusting and none have given you complete satisfaction, know This trick will allow you to get rid of the dust around, inside and under the radiator Without the need to make superhuman efforts.

It may seem surprising, if the radiator is wall-mounted, you will not have Simply tie a microfiber cloth or other cloth capable of catching dust, around the tip of a long stick or ruler, and insert it into the gaps in the cooler. This will It will repel dust and mites trapped between the cooler rails while at the same time reaching hard-to-reach areas.

In addition, feel free to place newspapers under the radiator, so as to collect all the dust that escapes from the device.

How do you revive the color of the coolant?

Given the Dust buildup over time, the radiator may turn yellow. In this case, you can consider repainting it to revive its color. In fact, there are paints designed specifically for this, which will allow you to change the color of the coolant without affecting its efficiency or performance. In this case, you will have to follow certain steps to make it happen.

Coated radiator. Source: spm

Prepare the coolant: Before considering any action, make sure that the radiator is completely closed and cool. After that, and if the radiator has not been painted before, Dust them off before degreasing them with acetone or methyl spirit. Otherwise, and if the radiator is already painted over, you should flick it off, clean it, and then clean off the peeling paint. Finally, if there are rust spots on the machine, remove them as well before applying the product to rust treatment.

Paint selection: In this case, you will have to choose a special coating for the radiator. Available in several colors, the latter Specially designed to resist heat changes and rust.

Technique to follow: In order to get the best possible result, remember to paint the coolant in the following order. First, take a brush 5 cm wide, then start painting the edges of the radiator before treating the inside. Do not hesitate to Prioritize visible parts, especially templates, from the top to the end. Once drawn, you can move to the bottom and top edges of the radiator using sweeping motions. In addition, note that a second coat will be necessary so that the finish looks completely homogeneous. However, wait 48 hours before turning on the radiator, the paint should dry completely.

Now you have no excuse not to clean, dust, and maintain your radiator. So don’t waste a second if you want to spend the winter warm.

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