How do you remove scale from the kettle? Avoid lemon and vinegar

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The water circulating in our tubes is hard water and rich in calcium and magnesium ions. This hard water leads to large scale deposits in our household appliances and the kettle is not left out. To increase the life of your household appliances, it is important to descale them. For this, you can use this simple and economical method.

What is the best way to remove scale from a kettle?

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A washing machine, iron, coffee machine or kettle are among the household appliances that are exposed to limestone. Crust deposits are formed under the influence of heat. In fact, Hot water promotes crystallization of mineral salts from hard water. This is how white deposits settle on the walls of your kettle. This reduces the performance of your home appliances, as well as reducing their life. It leads to excessive energy consumption. It is therefore important to remove scale from the kettle regularly. So, You can use citric acid. In fact, acidic products are effective in removing lime.

citric acid crystals

Citric acid in crystals. Source: spm

Citric acid is a cleaning ally. This natural and ecological product has disinfecting, disinfecting and whitening properties. In addition, citric acid is effective in removing scale from a coffee machine or kettle, but also from fixtures or a toilet bowl. Citric acid also has the advantage It smells better than white vinegar. To remove limescale from the kettle, put on gloves, and mix two tablespoons of citric acid with one liter of water. Note that eye protection is also recommended. Pour the solution into the kettle, let it run for an hour, and then activate your device to boil the mixture. Then let the solution stand for 30 minutes, then empty the kettle. Finally, rinse the kettle with clean water once or twice. Note that citric acid alone is not recommended undiluted. This could harm your device.

What are other tips for descaling my kettle?

In addition to citric acid, you can use other readily available products to descale your kettle.

  • Baking soda to remove scale from the kettle

Baking soda is a natural product that has degreaser, stain and disinfection properties. This passepartout product is also known for its anti-lime effect. To do this, mix two teaspoons of baking soda with one liter of water. Pour the mixture into the kettle. Boil the solution, then empty the kettle and rinse it more than once.

  • Coke for descaling the kettle

Thanks to its acidity, Coca-Cola is also effective in descaling the kettle. To do this, pour the drink to the bottom of the bowl, By soaking the walls too And let it run for a few minutes. Then rub the lime-covered surfaces with a microfiber sponge, Then rinse it several times.

Thanks to these grandmother’s tips, you can easily remove traces of scale from your kettle, without using white vinegar or lemon, and without resorting to chemical descalers.

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