How do you get rid of fruit flies? The 20 cent trick to make it disappear in an hour

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Although they are not directly dangerous to humans because they do not bite, fruit flies or fruit flies remain very annoying in the long run. However, these flying species can carry spores. Therefore, it is important to eliminate them quickly to avoid their rapid spread.

What ingredients should be used to get rid of fruit flies?

The presence of fruit flies can quickly become annoying and unpleasant. Do not panic! There is a quick solution to remove them from your home. Of course the first step is to remove all the produce that attracts them, which is the ripe fruit and vegetables in the kitchen as well as the garbage. Thorough cleaning of surfaces and containers should be carried out regularly.

  • Get rid of fruit flies with apple cider vinegar and dish soap

Fruit flies in a bowl of vinegar

Fruit flies in a bowl of vinegar. Source: spm

There is an effective way to attract and get rid of fruit flies overnight. Simply mix some apple cider vinegar with a little dish soap in a small bowl or cup and Put it in the kitchen. The bowl will serve as bait for these little flying insects. Attracted by the smell of vinegar, they will fall into the bowl and attach to the sticky surface of this solution without being able to escape. You can also put the bowl in the microwave to make the smell stronger.

Other Tricks To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies Easily

Depending on the ingredients and means available at home, it is possible to easily catch fruit flies. But above all, take the time to clean all the fruit before you put it in your kitchen. Storage in the refrigerator is also required to stop eggs hatching.

  • Create a funnel trap to attract fruit flies

funnel trap

funnel trap. Source: spm

As you understand, fruit flies are often attracted to ripe foods. Then choose fermented liquid apple cider vinegarbeerAnd wine or fruit as bait. Then close the glass jar with a paper funnel, creating a very small opening while keeping the nozzle pressed down so the flies can get in. Once the bowl is full of flies, empty it and repeat the process as needed.

fly trap

Fly trap. Source: spm

  • Using cork to keep fruit flies away

Another trick to keep fruit flies out of the kitchen or indoors is to put corks in your basket or fruit basket. Fruit flies don’t appreciate this scent and then move away from it. Feel free to place it in other corners of the kitchen to prevent it from spreading. Essential oils placed in a glass of water can act as a natural repellent for these insects.

  • Repel fruit flies with essential oils

It is possible to make another repellent using essential oils. Simply pour a few drops of an essential oil of your choice into a glass of water and place it in the kitchen. Fruit flies hate the scent of essential oils and will quickly move away from your home. You will earn more from perfuming your home.

It is important to note that it is almost impossible to completely eradicate fruit flies, but you can reduce their presence with these few tips.

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