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Can you find the farmer’s wife in 20 seconds in this optical illusion?

Do you have free time there now? Go hop, get ready and dive into this article to entertain and delight all your senses. We start with a very thorny challenge to whet your appetite. You have exactly 20 seconds to complete the first challenge. Good luck to you!

Can you find the farmer’s wife’s face?

We begin the festivities with a full-bodied optical illusion. The challenge has now gone viral on the internet and is quickly seen as a real headache by the majority of internet users. As he warns you, a very small percentage have succeeded in this challenge. Your goal is simple: you must try to find the face of the farmer’s wife.

As you will see in the illustration, we are in a fertile field where a farmer is standing with a stick in hand. Behind the fence, at the far end, is probably his home. But in the middle of this scene, there is actually a woman’s face hiding somewhere. It is up to you to select it. Don’t waste your time: you only have 20 seconds to solve this puzzle!

Therefore, we will have to act quickly and well. Focus as much as possible to accurately observe the elements in the image. Your mind needs to be sharp and agile to decide where to hide this famous face. We remind you all that this is an optical illusion, with all that it means.

Now let’s analyze the image below:

Visual Challenge Image – Source: spm

Did you manage to find the lady’s face? It was kind of complicated, wasn’t it? If you are attentive and responsive enough, we highly commend you for your excellent note. But, if the time is very short and you unfortunately cannot determine the face of the farmer’s wife, it is not so bad. The exercise was especially difficult. The answer is below:

Visual Challenge Image Response – Source: spm

Do you think your cognitive skills were enough to solve this complex challenge? Tell yourself that the best way to develop it further is to do this type of exercise regularly. Failure should not discourage you. On the contrary, thanks to training, you will be able to gain many reactions and your brain will get used to solving these challenges.

Go as long as you are there, don’t stop there! We offer you a new challenge. You will definitely have better luck this time!

Identify the seven differences between these two pictures

This is a very common type of mental test that generally appeals to both young and old. The goal is to detect in record time the differences between two very similar pictures. Put yourself to the test and double your speed in trying to figure out what’s wrong quickly. Please note that you only have 18 seconds to select the 7 differences. More than enough time for some and too limited for others.

For the record, this visual exercise is the work of Hungarian artist Gegerly Dudás: on social networks, he shares with his followers two similar drawings which thus hide 7 different details. It is up to you to carefully observe pictures A and B to try to compare them and identify the differences.

Will you have the skills required to emerge victorious?

Picture A – Source: spm

Picture B – Source: spm

Here is the solution to the visual challenge

You’re back: Were you able to spot the 7 differences in just 18 seconds? If so, we congratulate you on your brilliant visual acuity and analytical mind. Of course, you are a person who pays attention to the smallest details and nothing escapes you. If you can only detect 3 or 4 differences, it’s not bad. And on the other hand, if nothing goes wrong, we recommend that you work more on your cognitive abilities.

Check the error details in the image below:

Visual Challenge Answers – Source: spm

For some time now, visual challenges have been prevalent on social networks thanks to their complex exercises that only a minority can solve. Thus, the spirit of competition is lively and everyone redoubles their efforts to try to win the winner’s hand. Train as much as possible to deceive those around you!

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