These are the aromatic herbs you should prune in October

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In October, various works can be carried out in the garden or on the vegetable patch, in order to prepare the plants to receive the first frosts of winter, or to enter the period of dormancy. In addition to flowering or botanical plants, aromatic plants also need special attention.

What aromatic herbs should be pruned in October?

pruning plants

Prune plants. Source: spm

Autumn pruning cares for aromatic perennials and intervenes after pickingat the end of summer, When the flowers wither and the herbs lose their harmonious shape due to successive selections. Its purpose is to prepare aromatic plants for the winter and their dormant period.

For aromatic perennials with evergreen leaves, it is recommended to use To eliminate dried flower stems. This autumn pruning should be light, especially for weeds bitten by frost, any frost sensitive, Such as Madagascar lemon or lemon verbena. These plants need their own foliage to survive the winter well. Severe pruning can occur only at the end of the frost, Because it may weaken your plants.

For aromatic plants with fallen leaves, it is advisable to cut them, i.e. Their pruning is very short, close to the ground. This cleans the base of the plants, including diseases, as well as promoting new growth. Here is some mailExamples of aromatic plants for pruning in October:

  • Pruning mint in the fall


Mint. Source: spm

Mint is an aromatic plant with very fragrant foliage. You can prune mint all year round, but this is especially recommended during two periods. During June and during the fall. By pruning the feet of your plant, you will strengthen it and promote the vigorous growth of new shoots. Pruning also helps stop the growth of mint, especially when it becomes too invasive.

  • Prune rosemary in October


Rosemary. Source: spm

Ideal for flavoring dishes, such as grilled meats, Rosemary needs maintenance pruning. This can be done for two seasons. After flowering, that is, between March and April, and in the fall, precisely in October or November. Note that if you do not keep rosemary regularly, It risks losing its distinctive aesthetic. In this case, take cuttings to multiply the rosemary and replace it. It is sufficient to cut between August and October about 15 cm of the stems of your aromatic plant And planted it in the ground.

  • Pruning thyme in the fall


marjoram. Source: spm

Oregano is an aromatic plant widely used in cooking. It is one of the plants that are part of the composition of Herbes de Provence. Oregano is easy to care for. It should be trimmed twice. Pruning in early autumn to remove dry stems, And another in the fall. This process aims To encourage new shoots.

However, it is important to prune aromatic perennials in the fall. This maintenance pruning allows preparation for cold and a period of plant rest.

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