The hidden function of Lidl shopping carts. It makes life easier for many customers

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To facilitate the purchases for its customers, this German distribution company has developed trolleys with a function that few people know about.

What is the hidden function of Lidl’s shopping carts?

Lidl . supermarket

Lidl supermarket. Source: spm

Lidl has become a very popular brand because it combines high quality products with low prices. to me Opening of German brand storesThe parking lot is filling up and the queues are growing even though the store’s canopy hasn’t opened yet. But Lidl attracts customers who are ready to get up early So you don’t miss out on the latest deals. But to move all these products, there is no such thing as shopping carts that will accompany you while searching for deals. Lidl shopping carts have a hidden feature that we will share with you.

Lidl . carts

Lidl carts. Source: spm

Lidl provides its customers with practical carts, They change regularly to meet their needs. The company decided to add a new feature that serves hypermarket customers. This function is located at the bottom of the cart and allows you to store your purchases in a simplified manner. In fact, the German brand was created Sliding drawer in the rear wheels for more space When you’re shopping at the hard-discounted supermarket. It is ideal for storing eg water or milk cartons or in any case the heaviest loads you can find at the bottom of store shelves. This function is designed to help you as you will no longer need to lift heavy weights to fit inside your trolley. All you have to do is move them from the bottom shelf to the space on the back wheels of your shopping cart.

A useful feature of the Lidl trolley

A useful feature of the Lidl cart. Source: spm

This function allows to transport drinks

This function allows to transport drinks – Source: spm

How do you use this hidden function of Lidl carts?

Lidl01 . Strollers

Lidl carts. Source: spm

To use the hidden functionality of Lidl Carts, you must follow these few steps. Then, you can store your groceries more easily without getting tired. To disengage the sliding drawer and store your packaging, pull the red handle forward to open it. This space can support About two cans of water Or large packages of toilet paper or other large batches of products.

This solution can be really helpful for the elderly or people who can’t handle a very heavy load and are prone to injury.

Plus, when you check out, you don’t have to take out items on the pull-out tray. The cashier can scan the codes of your products placed on the shopping cart without the stress of carrying it.

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