If you see this in jars, throw them away immediately

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Although they can be stored for a very long time, items kept in jars have an expiration date. In general, canned jars can be kept for a year but can spoil if stored improperly.

How do you know that the food in your canned jars has spoiled?

canned jar

canned jar; Source: spm

Depending on the foods you store in the jars, you need to pay attention to how you store them. In fact, depending on its acidity level, it should be stored differently in order to To prevent the spread of harmful bacteria to health. In order for your jars to last as long as possible, you must sterilize them well in order to properly preserve the food you are going to put inside them. But sometimes it happens that your tractor Not properly disinfected And your food spoils without you even realizing it. To avoid food poisoning, here’s how to find out Whether the food in your canned jars is still edible.

  • If the lids of the jars have a dome, your food is likely to be spoiled

The food from the jar is no longer edible If you find the lid of the jar is completely domed. Also, if you see foam or food It smells badThis means that it is spoiled and you cannot consume it anymore. In this case, discard the jar directly and do not attempt to eat the food inside. If the jar has a loose lid, throw it away as well because there may be a food poisoning toxin in your food; you did not Changes the color, taste or smell of food. Finally, wash your hands and all of your kitchen surfaces as well as your equipment to avoid food poisoning.

How do I sterilize my storage jars?

stored jars

stored jars. Source: spm

To make sure that your storage jars last a long time, proper sterilization is a must. To do this, boil the glass jars for 5 to 10 minutes, then place them upside down to dry before filling them with food for preservation and placing them back in the boiling water. Bring food to a temperature of 100 degrees so that it is completely sterile.

jars of vegetables

Vegetable jars. Source: spm

How long should they keep in store-bought jars?

Canned jars are offered with expiration dates according to very specific hygiene rules and standards by country. But these dates can be bypassed without the risk of food poisoning. On the other hand, if the jar swellsThis means that the food has begun to ferment and rot. Do not attempt to cook and dispose of the jar.

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