Get rid of termites from your furniture so they don’t destroy wood: 3 tips guaranteed

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The observation is relentless, your furniture is being destroyed by termites more and more. So how do we fight these insects that are not visible to the naked eye? The answer is in the following lines.

What are these 3 tricks to get rid of termites that eat your wooden furniture?

If you notice There are strange galleries formed on your wooden furniture, pay attention to this Termites are the cause. These tiny insects, called termites, usually appear in large numbers and have been known to feed primarily on wood and leaf debris. You will have understood it, and you will realize their presence only once, destroying your frame and furniture. But rest assured, it is possible to get rid of these insects before they end up destroying your wood furniture completely. In this regard, here are 3 tips that will be as useful as they are effective!

Termite infestation

Termite infestation. Source: spm

  1. Fighting termites with boric acid

Boric acid will be useful in getting rid of termites that have settled in your home. for him Action will destroy the nervous system of these insects by dehydrating. To do this, all you have to do is mix boric acid in equal parts with milk and sugar, until you get a paste that you will then put into plastic bottle caps. You will then only have to place them near the colonized areas while ensuring that your children or animals do not come close to them. Do not hesitate to Repeat this process every three weeks until the termite colony is completely eradicated.

Moreover, as a precaution, it is It is highly recommended to wear gloves, goggles and clothing that covers your body When handling this product, to avoid any risks of irritation.

  1. Get rid of termites with orange oil

It is considered a natural insecticide, Orange oil has the same effectiveness in exterminating and overcoming termitesEspecially since it is simple to use. In fact, you will only have to locate the galleries that the termites have dug up and treat them with injecting orange oil, which is toxic to termites. In addition, you can also drill holes in the affected wood and introduce orange oil there. this is The work will deter termites from feeding on the wood. As a result, insects will starve.

Feel free to apply this remedy daily for a minimum of three weeks to ensure that the termite colony is completely gone.

orange oil

orange oil; Source: spm

  1. Get rid of termites with white vinegar

Using natural ingredients will also get rid of termites. In fact, this economical, simple and inexpensive remedy consists of a mixture of white vinegar and lemon juice. to do this, Mix ½ cup of white vinegar with ½ cup of lemon, then pour the resulting solution into a spray bottle. Finally, all you have to do is spray the affected areas.

In order for this remedy to be as effective as possible, feel free to perform this procedure twice a day, for about two weeks.

By following these tips, you will get rid of termites on your wooden furniture. Don’t wait any longer to get to work and be alert at the slightest opening that appears on your furniture!

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