Disabling one feature on your phone will save battery life: a simple trick

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To get the most out of this device while saving its battery, you need to adopt certain good habits on a daily basis. This will allow you to extend its shelf life.

What feature should be turned off to save phone battery?

An old phone or excessive phone use is often the cause of phone exhaustion quickly. Other usual functions could also be the cause. The first relates to the phone screen.

  • Auto rotate phone screen

screen rotation

screen rotation. Source: spm

When the battery level is at its lowest, there is a way to save a few minutes of battery life by disabling the auto-rotate feature. This function, which switches the screen from portrait to landscape, detects the phone’s orientation and also its movement using the accelerometer. This can consume phone power unnecessarily. To turn it off, just access the phone’s quick settings by swiping down on the screen. Once the adjustment bar is displayed, tap the vertical icon to stop rotating the screen and switch from landscape to portrait.

Other power consuming phone functions that are better off

Other than auto-rotate, other phone features can also consume power. It is then advisable to deactivate those that can be dispensed with in priority.

  • Disable the phone’s Bluetooth, GPS and Wifi functions

Disable Wi-Fi

Disable Wi-Fi. Source: spm

Some functions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS consume a lot of power. Therefore, it is recommended to use it only when needed. It is worth noting that in some cases GPS is used to activate Wi-Fi (when returning home for example). Thus it can be a good way to save battery. To make the settings, go to the phone’s quick settings by swiping down on the home screen and then touch the icon of the function you want to deactivate.

  • Remove vibrations and sounds from the phone

Another trick to save the phone battery is to turn off the keyboard sound and vibration settings. To do this, open your Android phone settings, then tap Sounds and vibrations. he is You can mute the phone, temporarily mute the volume, and control system sounds/vibrations. On the iPhone, it is possible to access sounds and vibrations in the same way via the phone settings. Then tap on keyboard notes and deactivate the sound and vibration options.

  • Reduce phone brightness

phone screen

phone screen. Source: spm

Brightness is one of the most demanding components of the battery. In order to preserve the latter, it is then important to lower the level of this parameter. To do this, slide your finger on the screen to display the notification bar. From then on, you will have the ability to adjust the lighting on the horizontal bar that is displayed at the top of the screen. It is also possible to activate automatic brightness adjustment. On Android, simply enable Adaptive Brightness in your screen settings. On the iPhone, go to Settings, Accessibility, tap Screen & Text Size, then turn on Auto-Brightness.

As you understand, many functions can be modified or even deactivated to improve the phone’s battery life. Feel free as much as possible to activate the power saving mode and limit the use of greedy apps.

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