Dimples on the cheeks: why do some get them and some not?

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A wide smile usually reveals dimples in a small number of individuals. what is the reason ? The answer is in this article.

Why do some people have dimples while others do not?

Sometimes a simple smile can reveal some distinguishing signs. In fact, it is not uncommon to notice boils appearing in some people. this is A slight hollow on the cheeks is, for the most part, considered a symbol of magic. An asset that can make a person more attractive all by itself. In the event that these small details did not leave you indifferent, know that there is a certain reason why boils appear in some people. If you thought the answer was obvious, you might be completely surprised!

Dimples on the cheeks: a muscle issue

smile showing dimples

A smile reveals dimples. Source: spm

If boils appear precisely, when a person smiles or draws sarcasm, then this is not by chance. In fact, the latter is related to the zygomatic muscle. In fact, The cheek is the muscle in the cheekbone that contracts when a person smiles or laughs. If the latter is shorter than usual, then a slight cavity will occur when a person smiles.

Thus, the dimples will be the result of a deformation of the zygomatic major muscle. This muscle is what connects the cheekbones to the corners of the lips. In some cases, this deformity can affect only one muscle. As a result, one dimple appears on one cheek.

So the appearance of dimples is only an anatomical consequence of a change in the size of certain muscles in the face, in particular those responsible for a person’s smile.

What do you do to get dimples on the cheeks?

Your face or rather your cheeks don’t show dimples and you want that to change? In this case, two solutions may be available to you.

  • Surgery to create boils

If you ignore it, it is possible to go through the surgery box in order to get dimples. In fact, this The operation is performed under local anesthesia and takes only half an hour, hardly. Another advantage is that it does not show any scars.

To allow future boils to appear, during the procedure the surgeon will shorten the zygomatic muscle so that the famous little hollows form and are visible when the person smiles.

  • faint hole

This technique, known as “cheek piercing”, allows you to Making a piercing in the hollow of the cheek. From then on and when you smile, this piercing will cause the dimples to appear “superficial.”

It is possible to choose two piercings, one on each side of the cheek. Or just make one on the cheek of your choice.

However, this Puncture type must be done by a professional.

Whether they are natural or the result of plastic surgery, among other things, the appearance of dimples on the cheeks will not have any secrets for you!

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