Air recirculation button: in this case you should never use it, it may cause more harm than anything else

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So how do you prevent car air recirculation from becoming dangerous to you? The following lines will tell you.

Why is air recirculation dangerous?

As you understand, the use of this function has its limitations. Activating it for a long time can put your health and the health of your passengers at risk. In fact, INon-renewable air can cause carbon dioxide buildup The drowsy driving with reduction Concentration Feedback. Moreover, this feature also promotes the formation of droplets of condensation on the car windows.

Air recirculation button

Air recirculation button. Source: spm

How does car air circulation work?

In general, the forced air inside the passenger compartment comes from the outside. When you activate the recirculation, this time the air comes from the inside, not the outside.

This feature is useful during traffic jams, for example. she you all Will avoid inhalation Gas from other car exhaust. This air can be used to heat the passenger compartment (heating) or cool it (air conditioning) using the vents.

How and when is air recycling used?

Ladder on the car ventilation grill

Ladder on the car ventilation grille. Source: spm

In order not to put your health at risk, it is It is highly recommended to use recycling in some way accidentalnot continuousto her for the purpose of Promote fresh air renewalNecessary when driving.

In any case, avoid activating air recirculation for a long time. Note that for some car models, the air recirculation feature is automatically turned off after a certain period of use.

How is the air circulation button activated?

To activate air recirculation in the passenger compartment, press the button designated for this purpose on the dashboard. generally is Located Close to other ventilation buttons (air conditioning, heating, etc.). You can also quickly identify it thanks to its diagram, which is generally represented by arrows turning on themselves.

Additionally, other car models may display another diagram representing air recirculation. In the latter, an arrow appears rotating inside the car, to indicate that there is no fresh air.

As you understand, activating the air recirculation button for a long time can have serious consequences for your safety and the safety of your passengers, use it only when necessary. Also, remember to drive carefully on the road.

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