A little-known solution to save money on your energy bill every month

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You connect two or three devices every day and suddenly your electricity consumption goes up. I have already tried some tricks but nothing works! Moreover, with the inflation that energy prices are experiencing, you must definitely find a solution to get out of it. What do you do in this situation? Here’s a simple and practical tip that could save you hundreds of dollars at the end of the year. Explanation.

Thanks to this trick, you will now be able to reduce your electricity consumption while avoiding breaking the bank.

Reduce your electric bill, only this thing makes the difference!

Energy saving was always Action to be taken in order to protect our environment and reduce our costs. But between wastage, over-equipment, or lack of maintenance, how can you reduce your electricity bills? The solution is quite simple although it may not seem obvious at first glance. In fact, you just need to use a power strip to make it happen.

  • Connecting the electricity sector to reduce electricity bills

Reducing energy consumption will reduce your budget and planet. So, All you have to do is Authority Connected power strip (available online and at DIY stores). The latter offers many advantages and can be used in different ways both at home and at work.

The trick is actually to connect all the electrical appliances in the house to the connected power strips. This will make your work easier later on. It will simply suffice To program time slots for your devices to run (that correspond to your actual usage). This will avoid excessive electricity consumption. For example, when you are at work, the connected power strip will cut off the power to devices like TV, internet box, dryer, coffee machine… they don’t work.

Electrical appliances connected to the power sector

Electrical appliances are connected to the power sector. Source: spm

Should the power connector be disconnected if it is not in use?

This is a question many people ask themselves. In fact, unplug your power strip when not in use will allow Reduce your energy consumption and thus achieve Savings on your monthly electricity bill. Likewise, it will help extend the life of your electrical equipment by preventing overheating or wear and tear on its internal components.


Blackouts. Source: spm

Do appliances consume electricity when they are turned off?

Just because you don’t use your electrical appliances doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect your electric bill. ! You should know that Even when turned off, they continue to consume power. But how is this possible? In fact, this phenomenon is called phantom loads. Have you ever heard of that?

  • Watch out for fake cartoons!

do you know that vampire devicesWhich devices in standby mode, consume an average of 300-500 kWh per year? either, uAdditional increase of about 10% on the electric billAccording to ADEME. This is what is commonly referred to as phantom loads.

This phenomenon is also known as vampire energy, and it corresponds to Electricity consumed when appliances are in standby modeBe it televisions, microwaves, computers, etc.

As you understand, the use of a power strip can be useful when several electrical appliances are used at the same time. If unplugging the device as soon as it is not in use can be limiting, power strips will prove very practical in this case, allowing at the same time to significantly reduce our electricity consumption.

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