What is a car protector for? It has a very useful hidden function

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However, the visor will have another useful function such as protecting you from the sun’s rays. Find out which one.

car sun visor

car sun visor – source: spm

How to use the condom in an original and useful way?

All cars have masks. However, in some cases, these panels are small and do not serve much due to their small size, which can put the driver in difficulty on the road. But there are extenders that can be applied to enlarge it and use it safely for your convenience.

In any case, the hatch is always installed in the same place, whether it is a large or small car, it is placed in the ceiling, above the steering wheel, so that it is always within reach of the driver.

The visor is also located on the passenger side, and in both cases it is a gear that rotates with a slight downward movement. However, few people know that it can also be moved to the right side of the passenger seat and to the left side of the driver. In addition to these classic uses, the sunscreen can also be used to put a tablet or smartphone in it while driving.

When driving you should not use any device such as a mobile phone or tablet because you will risk your life in the car, in this case just put it in the sun visor so as not to be distracted, you can answer calls or send messages in seconds, without taking your hands off the steering wheel thanks to the commands smartphone audio.

When you’re in a queue, for example, or at a red light, you’ll have easier access.

car phone holder

Car phone holder – Source: spm

Other seasonal car essentials:

In addition to the summer and the use of sunblock, in the winter it is also necessary to equip yourself with basic equipment to face the cold, rain and snowy roads. These include in particular:

  • Windshield wipers: a very important accessory to ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers. Note that you should change the wipers as soon as visibility becomes less good during a spell of rain or if there are traces of water on the windshield.
  • Snow chains: These tire-related gear prevent slipping and return traction to your vehicle. In some regions, the presence of these chains is mandatory during the winter season, this is indicated by the B26 road sign (requires special equipment).
  • Car Covers: This accessory is essential to protect your vehicle from the cold. It comes in standard sizes or you can make it to order. The key is to cover your entire vehicle.

Remember to use these accessories in your vehicle wisely and thus ensure your safety and the safety of others.

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