What happens if you water plants with Coca-Cola? The effect is amazing

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If you have Coca-Cola at home, know that this drink may be useful otherwise. In fact, you can use it to water your plants and so much more!

What is the purpose of watering plants with Coca-Cola?

Coca-Cola bottles

Coca-Cola bottles. Source: spm

If you have any degassed Coke left, don’t throw it away! In fact, you can use it to water your plants. The latter contains High level of carbon monoxide that nourishes plants. Thus, you will not only moisturize your plants, but also provide them with essential elements for their good growth. To do this, simply fill your watering can with this drink and spray it on your plants. Moreover, you can v-shapedsprinkle on leaves and stems, Avoid flowers and buds. Also keep in mind Water is preferred at sunset.

You can also soak a microfiber cloth with a little Coca-Cola and pass it over the leaves of your plants To dust it off.

What are the other benefits of Coca-Cola on plants?

In addition to nourishing your plants, this drink has other benefits. allows, in fact, Keep away insects and pests. So you can use it to eliminate aphids. These pests do not like sugar. So you can Spray on the most affected parts of the plant. You can also use this drink to hunt gastropods such as slugs and snails. To do this, simply fill a container with this soft drink and leave it in your garden. This sweet drink attracts, The latter will find himself poisoned by the acid of this soda. In addition, Coca-Cola is also used as an insecticide, because it is cheaper than the pesticides sold in the market. So it is sufficient to spray on insects that you want to eliminate.

Note that you can also use natural products to get rid of pests that infest your plants, such as nettle droppings, garlic decoction, ground coffee, or black soap.

garden plants

Garden plants. Source: spm

Can cola too Speed ​​up the composting process. In fact, the sugar in this drink allows for stimulation Microorganisms needed to decompose waste. To do this, mix organic waste with plant residue and then pour a one-liter bottle of Coca-Cola on your compost. Mix everything and Let your compost rest For at least a week. Note that this soda can also be used to reduce the pH of the soil, for the cultivation of acid-loving plants such as azaleas or bergenia.


azalea; Source: spm

As you will see, using a soft drink like Coca-Cola can be very beneficial for your plants.

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