How do you grow ginger in a pot so that it is freely available all year round?

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Ginger appeared in France around the 13th century and is appreciated above all for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, its ability to lower blood sugar and strengthen natural defenses. It can also be used as a base for dessert, seasoning a dish or soup, by adding a touch of freshness and liveliness.

How to get rid of infinity of ginger from the flower vase?

homemade ginger

Homemade ginger. Source: spm

Instead of searching the stores for ginger to flavor meats, poultry marinades, stews, or herbal teas, why not consider growing it comfortably at home from a simple, hassle-free flower pot.

This tropical plant is native to Southeast Asia, it is necessary, if one wishes to grow it in France, to provide it with the right conditions.

Ginger is a plant that especially appreciates heat, it is important to ensure that the temperature does not fall below 20 degrees.

Get a fairly large flower pot. Ginger grows mainly in width, so there is no need to choose a deep pot and make sure that the distance between each of the roots exceeds twenty centimeters. Instead of planting seeds, you will need ginger roots. It should be solid and somewhat green.

Using a clean knife, cut the rhizome into several pieces of about 3 cm. Ginger should be dry and clean before planting. On the other hand, if it is wet, leave it for 48 hours to prevent it from rotting.

Once this time has passed, you can plant your ginger cuttings in shallow but fertile soil. Then cover everything with a layer of substrate about 5 cm and feel free to water abundantly.

How do you take care of ginger grown at home?


Ginger. Source: spm

Growing ginger at home may seem simple, but the most important thing is knowing how to take care of it. This plant especially appreciates heat, and it will be necessary to take care of its daily exposure to sunlight. Place your pot on a window sill or near a radiator to allow the plant to absorb the heat.

Like most roots and plants, ginger needs regular watering. It is necessary that the substrate remains moist. But wetting does not mean drowning. If you don’t want your ginger to rot too quickly, water it in moderation.

If you are a fan of environmentally responsible gestures and compost your organic waste, vermicomposting can come in handy when growing ginger. Ginger planted in early spring can benefit from the benefits of vermicomposting at the end of June. In the summer, your pot will be in place on your window sill or in your garden. Direct sunlight should still be avoided as it may burn ginger. You can start enjoying the latter and its vitamins from October by incorporating it into pineapple juice or a thyme-lemon infusion to take advantage of its antioxidant, medicinal and stimulating properties that promote digestion and fight bloating.

To add flavor to your dishes and prepare culinary preparations, it is important to enhance your recipes with fresh aromatic plants and other types such as ginger. With this technique and a little ingenuity, you can grow ginger all year round.

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