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Do you know how many holes are in this shirt?

So, we are launching this mind exercise for you by presenting this image of a T-shirt in which we see holes. Here is the challenge to be solved.

How many holes do you see on this shirt?

According to several sites, only 1 in 7 adults manage to find the correct answer on the first try.

How many holes do you see in this shirt? Possible answers are – 2, 4, 6 or 8!

Visual puzzle image – Source: spm

Now take your time and think about it, give yourself a few seconds of focus.

There are probably more holes than you see at first glance! Let the brain run for a while before deciding on an answer!

Below, we reveal how many holes in the shirt!

The correct answer is 8! Here is the step-by-step explanation:

Visual Puzzle Answer 1 – Source: spm

Let’s start with the two holes on the front of the shirt, they are very easy to see. Now add the two holes for the arms, a hole for the neck and a hole at the bottom for the waist.

So far we have six holes that you can clearly see from the front. But in fact there are two more gaps!

Visual Puzzle Answer 2 – Source: spm

Specifically, you should also keep in mind that all T-shirts have two sides! As you can see from the photo above, there are similar holes in the back of the tee.

So, there are 2 more slots – for a total of 8!

This puzzle is now solved, but there are other endless challenges that you can solve at any time thus keeping your sanity.

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