Why should I turn off Wi-Fi on my phone at night? We should all do that

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So why do we have to turn off Wi-Fi during our sleeping hours? Let’s find out right away!

Why turn off WiFi at night on the mobile phone?


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By disabling Wifi, you block the automatic search for Internet networks and So avoid draining your mobile device battery.

Also, if you turn off your wireless network, you won’t be woken up by multiple notifications from apps on your phone. So if you can, Turn off your phone to get better sleep quality.

To disable WiFi, go to Settings Then choose the option wireless and disable it. You can also put the phone in airplane mode at night to cut off network reception.

It is also possible to turn off the Wifi box, which at the same time reduces electricity consumption and saves energy.

Why is my wifi weak?

Poor WiFi

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You may have experienced it: When the WiFi signal is weak, your internet connection suffers.

Wifi signal can become less strong due to various reasons. First, know that the WIFI 802.11g standard is stronger than 802.11b. The signal range extends up to approximately 40 metres. So remember to configure this standard on your computer by clicking on the connection icon » Properties tab » General » Configuration » Advanced » 802.11g standard.

In addition, the internet speed becomes slow if your neighbors connect to your wifi. If you haven’t done it yet, secure your network with a password to enjoy your wifi connection as it should.

Finally, the WIFI signal may be weakened due to the presence of many electronic devices nearby.

How do you get a stronger WiFi signal?

Wifi 001

Wireless. Source: spm

As mentioned above, your wifi access can be affected by interference, which weakens the signal strength and range. However, there are several ways to boost your Wifi on smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Place the box in a central room of the house to reduce obstructions likely to reduce communication. Therefore, it should be placed in an open place so as not to cause the WiFi signal to deteriorate.

Leave a distance of 2 meters between the box and other wireless devices

Use a WiFi repeater to extend the connection to other remote rooms in the house. The latter must be connected to the box with a long-range Ethernet cable that carries the signal everywhere in the house.

5GHz frequency is preferred to avoid signal interference with other devices.

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