Why do you always have to keep the windows open when it rains?

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Why do you leave the windows open when it rains?

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When cold weather sets in, one immediate reaction is to close the windows. A logical question, you say? Yes, but how do you plan to ensure ventilation inside your home? By keeping the windows open, you will combat many health problems that arise from low indoor temperatures and humidity levels.

Admittedly, in the fall, rainy days are pretty regular. Now is the time to take advantage of its advantages. Because rain is not only intended to irrigate agricultural crops, it is also very useful for cooling the air. The same person you breathe every day at home. However, if your home is not properly ventilated, you will be infected with all the dust, germs, and toxic particles. That is why it is necessary to leave the windows open when it is raining outside. If only for a moment. If there is no strong storm outside and the precipitation is not severe, then you should not be afraid: the water entering the house will not damage your decoration.

On the contrary, it can help purify not only the outside air, but also the air inside your home. Tell yourself that it is necessary to ventilate the house, especially in the morning and evening.

Other reasons to open windows on rainy days

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open window – source: spm

  • When it rains, if the windows are open, it increases the oxygen volume in the house, and the air quality will improve dramatically. The experience is similar to getting out: after the rain is over, we have the impression that we are breathing in much cleaner air, as if it had just cleaned the environment. Well, the effect is the same indoors. Opening windows during and after rain is especially useful for those who live in cities, in highly polluted areas where dust and smoke accumulate.
  • Do you like the smell of rain? We must realize that this scent is unique, it is a combination of freshness and cleanliness that has the ability to recharge our batteries and relax. Did you know that there are even some scented candles for rain? To remove unpleasant odors from the inside, there is no need for tricks or spending money. You can enjoy it for free: just open the window.
  • Finally, if some family members are allergic to dust mites, they thrive in dust even in fall and winter. It is true that it increases sharply when temperatures rise, but dust mites live in the house all year round. Except that in summer we are mostly on the balcony and gladly open the windows. However, once the temperatures drop, we tend to lock ourselves up even more. The windows are closed and heated, this is the best way to live with dust mites. Not to mention that dust behind the radiator is scattered all over the rooms. You inhale it without realizing it. The only solution to combating these microbes is to ventilate the house whenever possible.

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