Where do you keep your money at home? This is the safest place that thieves don’t like

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Saving money is a top priority for many families. It’s always smarter to have cash on hand in case of an emergency, planning a vacation, or never running out of cash. Did you choose to keep the money at home? Therefore, you should take some precautions and choose a suitable hiding place.

It advises hiding places and mistakes not to make

Open a safe

Open a safe – Source: spm

For many people, a bank remains the safest way to protect their money. But, if you insist on having it always on hand when needed, then there are some mistakes that should be eliminated. Don’t think about hiding your tickets in certain places that you thought was a strategy until now. Do not underestimate the thieves, they are cunning and smart. So forget indoor books or tissue boxes, under the sink, toilet tank, sock drawer, under jackets, in the bedroom closet or even under the bed. Tell yourself that the thieves thought about it long before you!

To be smarter than them, you have to bet on the least accessible and most exotic places to hide your money. The ones you don’t think of, such as a bag of soup or frozen food, in the soil of a flower pot, in a children’s play, inside an opaque decorative vase, etc. Why not put your tickets in a picture frame? It is a very clever hiding place, as the money will be camouflaged under the image. He does not see and does not know!

The kitchen is also a great place to keep your money. Since you store all the food and groceries here, this room is filled with many containers and compartments that can become very useful hiding places. Thus, tickets can be wrapped in aluminum foil or in an airtight bag. You can then hide them in the drawers of the refrigerator where you keep your fruits and vegetables. You can also put it in a jar, under a drawer or kitchen cupboard.

Good to know: Certainly, due to frequent thefts, it is not always a good idea to keep your savings at home. But if you are really concerned, the real advice to follow is to bet on coins that thieves don’t even think of checking. Finally, the smartest approach is to not rush into the most complicated places. Sometimes the most obvious or harmless things can go unnoticed. Carelessly placing a simple envelope on the desk does not necessarily attract attention and can pass like a letter in the mail!

But where would the safest place be?

According to Roland Lecouvreur, a security expert, there is no hiding place that a safe can ever match. It is a pet peeve of thieves, because it is impossible to open it! Even less if it is built into the wall. A safe remains the ultimate and obvious choice when it comes to protecting your money or valuables. You still need to invest in a fireproof or waterproof safe to protect your banknotes. Make sure you buy a very sturdy, high quality product that can withstand pressure. If it’s not surrounded by a wall, consider installing it on the floor in an area of ​​your home that people don’t often go to.

And what is the maximum that should be kept at home?

A sum of money in the drawer

Amount of money in the drawer – Source: spm

Obviously, as a security measure, our security expert Roland Lecouvreur advises to avoid keeping large amounts of money at home. Not only will you tend to paint it regularly, but you’ll also find it difficult to sleep soundly at night. The police therefore recommend not exceeding the €500 limit in small denominations. Of course, the amount may vary depending on the number of people living in the same house.

After a survey conducted by the European Central Bank in 2016, the majority of respondents said they keep an average of €1,000 at home. Knowing that the amount legally authorized for an individual is limited to a maximum of €10,000. That’s a good amount and it’s best to avoid any potential burglary!

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