What information should I know about the Omicron variant?

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The omicron variant is one of the many forms that Covid-19 can take. It is registered in more than 128 countries on Earth. Although it has been declared less virulent than the delta variant, it is important to protect against the omicron variant. Corona virus is transmitted through a protein called spike. The new form of Covid, the omicron, contains 32 mutations in this protein. Across the virus as a whole, this variant contains 50 mutations.

On the other hand, it is also important to note that Omicron’s symptoms are noticed faster than those of other variants. This is due to the high infection rate of the omicron variant although it is harmless.

Various possible symptoms

The omicron variant primarily attacks the upper respiratory tract. This causes mild but noticeable symptoms. Here are the different symptoms you may experience if you have an omicron variant.


Fever is the first symptom after infection with the omicron variant of the coronavirus. It may appear after the third day of infection. The fever is usually accompanied by chills. Thus, it opens the door to various other symptoms. These may be sleep disturbances, fatigue or coughing.

Omicron variable

Omicron – Source: spm

These symptoms are likely to appear two days after the fever, that is, on the fifth day of infection. This is followed by aches and headaches. You may also experience a loss of smell and a change in your sense of taste seven or eight days after the injury. It is important to note that symptoms of an omicron variant span more than seven days.


Pain is also among the various symptoms of an omicron variant. It can be found in the chest or in the joints. Thus, you will have a hard time being active or breathing well. This will lead to constant fatigue and a lot of dizziness. You will also have a hard time concentrating on your different activities. All of these symptoms may appear after the eighth day of infection.

Situations to avoid omicron

To be able to avoid the omicron variant, several solutions are available. The first is the vaccine. In fact, the coronavirus vaccine contains certain molecules that are effective against the omicron variant. Apart from this solution, it is recommended to practice good hygiene habits and respect the established barrier rules.


Omicron – Source: spm

These include mask wearing, social distancing, and the use of hydroalcoholic gel. All these actions and situations will help you to avoid the omicron variant.

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