This is the perfect time to turn on the heating

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If you are very concerned about saving energy, now is the time to turn on the heating.

What is the best time to turn on and start heating?

As winter approaches, we all fear the same thing: facing an unparalleled cold spell with increasingly heavy rain and snowfall. Therefore, some families find themselves faced with a dilemma of hell: how to properly warm up while saving energy? It’s a headache when you know it Heating expenses are greatly affecting the budget of more and more French. In such a context, one question comes to mind: “When should the heating be turned on?” Indeed, in order to control your expenses and use your heating as efficiently as possible, it will be necessary to turn it on at the right time. Here, then, is how to proceed.

Turn on the heating according to the temperature of each room

To prevent your budget and your energy bills from exploding, it is It is necessary not only to warm up proper temperature But also at the right time ! It is therefore advisable to be careful and avoid turning on the heating too early.

In such a situation, it is not about history but about feelings. In other words, the best time to turn on the heating is When you feel your house temperature is getting too cold. In fact and according to the EDF, the ideal temperature for a living room, such as a living room, kitchen or dining room, should not exceed 19°C. For other rooms, such as the bedroom or the toilet, the temperature should be 17 ° C. On the other hand, the bath is an exception, because it generally requires a temperature above 20 ° C.

As you understand, to take advantage of optimal thermal comfort, you should turn on the heating only if the temperature is below 19 ° C in one of the living rooms, and 17 ° C in other rooms, except for the bathroom, and the temperature should not be lower than 20 °.

Warm up in a cold room

Warm up in a cool room. Source: spm

How do you reduce heating bills?

Aside from turning on the heating at the right time, you can always Use some tips to reduce your energy bills. This way you will have optimum heating comfort without worrying about the costs that this may incur.

Reducing heating temperature: It may be trivial, but here is the first decision to make, which is Reduce the heating temperature by one degree. By performing this simple gesture, you can humanreduce your consumption by about 7%.

maintain heater: To take advantage of optimum heating comfort, maintenance of heating appliances is mandatory and must be carried out de facto annually. This allowsExtend the life of your equipment, increase convenience and save energy.

Heating maintenance by a professional

Heating maintenance by a professional. Source: spm

Isolate the parts: One of the main reasons for heat losses Inside the dwelling is undoubtedly weak insulation. In addition, in order to keep the heat inside your home, you can follow simple daily procedures, namely: leave the blinds open on sunny days to take advantage of the natural heat and close them at night, especially if you do not have double glazing.

turn around More efficient device: If your device does not give you complete satisfaction, it will be necessary to consider replacing it. On the other hand, More and more heating systems are more economical and environmental, such as a heat pump. It can be placed outside or inside the dwelling, the latter only needing 30-50% of the electricity to cover 100% of the heating needs, according to the EDF.

Choose For additional heating: To ease and reduce electricity bills, feel free to resort to the additional heater, which is more economical. In addition to electric heating, you can choose a pellet stove. The latter allows you to heat your rooms efficiently without worrying about the costs that may result.

disinfection radiators: To benefit from optimal, efficient and above all comfort of homogeneous heating, consider Bleeding your radiators Every 6 months: once before the heating period and once after the heating period. This will remove the air trapped in the various tubes of your heater while at the same time avoiding excessive energy consumption.

By taking all of these tips and tricks into account, you will now know when to turn on the heating. In addition, it is necessary to remember to properly insulate your home and ensure the maintenance of your appliances in order to enjoy comfortable heating during the winter.

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