This ATM scam copies your card and empties your bank accounts. How do you discover it?

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What is this technology that allows scammers to grab dormant funds from bank accounts?

Skimming, or how to clone a bank card through an ATM?


Automatic banking machine. Source: spm

Have you ever heard of skimming? This term refers to the technology used by scammers Copying bank card data when going to an ATM. The use of this fraudulent practice in France dates back to 2008.

In order for the fraudster or skimmer, to be more precise, to set up this technology, he will need two pieces of information about your bank card, namely the bank details that appear on the card and the 4-digit code. But first, he must modify the ATM so that he can collect this data. Here’s how the scammers do it:

First, the skimmers place a monitor to get your code. This is, in most cases, a camera that is secretly installed in a ceiling light. Also, they can install a fake numeric keypad on the traditional numeric keypad. The latter sends them the code you entered remotely when you went to the dealer.

To carry out their “mission”, they must also obtain the bank details of the card. Then they replace the card reader with a hacking device. Therefore, the card reader you inserted your card into is not the dealer’s reader, but rather the hacker’s reader. The latter connects this device to a phone that retrieves the scanned data in real time.

Our tip to prevent your bank card from being hacked when you go to an ATM


Automatic banking machine. Source: spm

In France and all over the world, cases of theft of money by hacked bank cards are not rare. To protect yourself, follow these tips!

  • Before using your bank card at an ATM, make sure it is “correct”. If you find that the card reader is slightly bent or damaged, its graphics are misaligned, or any part of the device is a different color, keep your bank card in your wallet!
  • If the numbers feel hard to press or look thick, the scraper may have installed a fake keyboard. Go to the next counter!
  • When entering your code, cover the keyboard with your other hand. A camera may be installed nearby!
  • Always remember to use the ATM inside your bank branch.
  • Monitor your bank account regularly via your app. This way, you can spot any suspicious activity right away and report it to your bank immediately.

Although fraud cannot always be prevented, being sensitive to it will allow you to stay vigilant and dodge potential scams!

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