How do you make a self-cleaning litter box?

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No matter how much you love your four-legged friend, the fact remains that taking care of the litter box is not one of your favorite daily activities. We understand you! You have much better things to do with the time you devote to your cat: caresses, big hugs, and other things that are indicative of their presence will be much better opportunities to spend cute moments with him. That is why, in this article, we will see how to make a self-cleaning litter box for your domestic cat.

You, of course, do not promise that you will permanently get rid of the drudgery of cleaning your pet’s daily needs. However, we guarantee you will ease that chore, that’s it, right?

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Clean the litter box. Source: spm

Why choose self-cleaning cat litter?

The first reason is clearly to relieve, at least a little, the tedious task of cleaning the hairball litter box more often. If you are offered to extend the cleaning period your cat’s toilet, You are listening too because even though cleaning the litter box only takes a few minutes, it is a very hard work that ends up spending a lot of time over the course of a week!

Then comes the economic reason. Because, yeah, we’re not going to tell stories, cat litter is very expensive in the long run. And we’re not talking about the water and detergent used to wash and disinfect your cat’s litter regularly. Do you have several cats at home? All this is a reason to choose to use self cleaning litter box, Because the problem is multiplied by the number of cats, for sure..!

To do this, you will need the following:

  • 2 rubbish bins
  • exercise and a little
  • ruler and pencil

The boxes should have the same dimensions around their edges, but one should be less deep than the other. They should be able to nest one inside the other, but without the bottom of the one above touching the bottom of the bottom. You can of course use the container that you already have only one copy to buy in the store. In that case, to make sure you pick a suitable container, bring it with you!

To choose the size of the wick, take a handful of kernels in your hand. Watch the average grain size: the holes to be made should not allow too many grains to pass through. Find the right balance and choose the drill bit accordingly.

You will use a ruler and pencil to measure and mark places to make holes in the bottom drawer of your self-cleaning litter box.

cat pee

The cat pees. Source: spm

Self-cleaning litter box manufacturing process

Execute the tag Thoroughly wash and sterilize both litter boxes. Take the top tray, the shallower of the two. Turn it over so the bottom of the tray is up. Shape 6 squares about 8 cm long (we are not 1 mm apart!). Inside these squares, draw columns and rows spaced about 6 mm apart. The grids drawn like this will act as a guide for you to drill the holes in the bottom of this tray. You will simply drill a hole with a drill at each intersection between the rows and columns.

drilling holes : Bring the vacuum cleaner near your work area. Take your drill bit and your selected drill bit and start drilling the holes. Be careful during this delicate step. Making all those little holes can be a little boring, but make sure it’s worth it and arm yourself with courage! Don’t worry if your holes aren’t exactly identical, or aligned neatly, no one will check! The main thing is that there are enough holes of the required size, so that garbage can pass through them. Feel free to “pull” your vacuum cleaner as soon as there is a bit of drilling debris, in order to work it to the finish in the best possible conditions.

Finally, clean the tray you drilled your holes in. Put it on the bottom tray and pour the trash inside. Put a small amount of sand in the lower tray to absorb any cat urine that may leak from the upper tray.

When cleaning your new self-cleaning cat litter box, start by removing the faeces. Then sift the brush while moving the perforated tray well so that the used sand grains fall into the lower tray. You will notice that the clean litter pellets will remain on the surface, and thus continue to be used. Imagine the trash savings you would achieve with this system! Only really dirty garbage will be evacuated, and you will soon notice that vYour trash bag purchases will last much longer. Plus, you’ll have, as promised, fewer tedious manipulations to change your cat’s litter. No more wasted time and money!

How to choose the best litter for your cat

Benefits of using a self-cleaning litter box

  • You can go quietly away for an entire weekend without your friends or relatives who will be feeding your cat having to clean out its litter box. Admit it is easier to ask someone to come and feed your kitty and give him two or three sittings along the way than to force him to clean up your cat’s litter!
  • Cats love to have a clean litter box. You may have already tried it: Once his litter box gets a little “messy”, your cat ignores it and may even have to defecate elsewhere in the house…With this system of self-cleaning litter box, in just a few moments, you’ll be giving Your sweet companion has a clean and inviting restroom!

In short, you will save time and money and your cat will benefit from everyday luxury!

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