How do you keep mice and rats away from the house? Just clean the floor with this product at home

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It is better to start by looking for the real reasons for breeding than to fight the animal to the death. The most effective gentle measures are those that prevent rodents from accessing food or nesting opportunities. Also, keep food supplies indoors and hard to reach places. Install fine mesh screens over ventilation openings in storage rooms. Do not leave food items lying on tables or in cupboards.

Clean trash cans frequently – smell delicious to them. Finally, encourage the intervention of predators such as cats or use this trick that will keep you out of your way.

It is possible to get rid of mice in your home very quickly. And what smells do rodents hate? You will find the answer below.

Rodents flee the Earth when they encounter several smells that they cannot stand.

Mice hidden in the house

Mice hidden in the house – Source: spm

White vinegar and turpentine repel rodents

White vinegar repels insects as well as rodents. You can add it to the water when cleaning the floor. With this trick, mice and rats will not return to your house anymore.

The same goes for turpentine. If you are worried about the smell lingering in the house, you can apply turpentine to pieces of cardboard, which are placed in places frequented by mice. Its scent will help you get rid of rats and mosquitoes.

The smell of burning rubber keeps mice away

Mice have an excellent sense of smell, so there are smells that repel them.

One smell that mice can’t stand is the smell of burning rubber. To drive away unwanted rodents, you need to light a piece of rubber. Remaining debris should be placed in areas frequented by mice and other rodents.

grate the soap

Human soap – Source: spm

Soap protects you from mice

If rodents invade your garden, you can get rid of them and keep them off your plants with soap. Grate a bar of soap and pour it into the fiber bags that you will place on the tree trunks.

The smell of soap kills mice. You can use this trick around the house or in the chicken coop.

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