Highway Code: This mistake could cost you a fine of €4,500

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If you’re planning to hit the road, feel free to run some checks. In fact, these can save you from facing many problems.

What is wrong with your driver’s licence?

It is no secret that the capital for a driver’s license is 12 points. The points we try to keep, we avoid making ourselves guilty of traffic infractions. However, in the case of liability, it is possible for a person to be a victim of points withdrawal. A situation that may seem confusing to some. In fact, many motorists use their cars to go to their workplaces on a daily basis. These cars are sometimes their working tool. In some cases, after supervision on their part, they may take the road, without even Realize that they have no more points Their driver’s license. A crime could cost them dearly.

driving license

driving license. : pms

Driver’s License Revocation: The Risks Involved

zero balance or Withdrawing all points from your driver’s license will automatically invalidate your license. In other words, you will no longer have the right to drive.

In this case, you will receive a message telling you that your points balance is zero and your driver’s license is invalid. From then on, you will not have the right to drive and will be obligated to do so Return your driver’s license to your province within 10 daysAfter receiving the media letter.

If you decide not to respect this decision, or if you are driving while your license is no longer valid, you bear it A fine of 4,500 euros plus a two-year prison sentenceas shown on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

And that’s not all, you may also face additional penalties:

  • Suspension of the license for a maximum of 3 years;
  • A sentence in community service;
  • Daily fine penalty that owes you to pay within a certain period, an amount that the judge predetermined.
  • Prohibition of driving certain vehicles, including those without a license, for a maximum of 5 years;
  • Commitment to follow the traffic safety awareness course at your own expense.
  • Freeze your car
  • Commit to driving with an alcohol ignition lock device (EAD) for a maximum of 5 years.
Presentation of a driver's license

Presentation of the driver’s licence. Source: spm

How to check the number of your points and know the balance of your driver’s license?

If you have any doubts regarding the number of points left on your driver’s license, you can always Consult them in order to avoid any risk of requesting and invalidating your driver’s license.

In this sense, the Télépoints telephone service allows all holders of a driver’s license to see their points balance. However, keep in mind that there may be a time lag between when the offense was recorded and when the Télépoints were recorded for your points loss. The same is true when resetting and adding points to the driver’s license.

In order to access this service, each permit holder must possess the following information:

  • NEPH file number;
  • Secret code.

Regarding the NEPH file number, it It usually appears on the driver’s license as well as on the full information statement. As for the secret code, the latter is on the message accompanying your driver’s license or indicated when you receive a message that is supposed to warn you against withdrawing points or is mentioned in your full information statement.

Before setting off on the road, feel free to check how many points are left on your driver’s license. This will save you from paying a huge fine and installing your car at the same time.

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