Your indoor plant is no longer growing? Here’s what you need to do with it right away

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Despite all the good care you give, the plant remains fragile. There are always a lot of criteria to keep in mind to protect it and extend its life. In order to revitalize your indoor plants, you must first of all adopt the right gestures. Fortunately, there are some methods that will save the situation. Here are some tips to apply to save your pots.

Dying houseplants

A dying houseplant – Source: spm

How do you react to a plant that is no longer growing?

Can’t stand to see your plant suffer? Rest assured, with a good dose of will and patience, you can turn the situation around.

First, make sure your plant gets adequate sunlight. For some plants, such as geraniums, strong light is necessary. On the other hand, other plants, such as ivy or ivy, should be placed in indirect light and protected from UV rays. So check carefully if your plant is not showing signs of wilting due to intense light. In this case, install a curtain so that the sun’s rays do not burn it. Better yet, move it to a place where it’s better protected, but not in the dark either. On the other hand, some plants can suffer from a lack of light. If the sun is scarce in your area, it is better to compensate for it with special lamps or fluorescent tubes.

On the other hand, dusting can have a significant impact. Always make sure to wipe off the dust that has accumulated on the leaves of your plants. In fact, it may block out light and air. Your flowers can suffocate and suffer greatly.

Another reasonable cause of plant wilt is over-watering. Unfortunately, many people are still not able to get the correct dosage. You may be tempted to water your plant more frequently than necessary. However, it is important to respect watering needs. While some plants need a lot of water, others need very little. If you have orchids, for example, you should know that you simply have to submerge the pot in a larger container filled with water.

Indoor plant under the light

Indoor plants under the light – Source: spm

Some tips to revitalize your indoor plants

By avoiding making a few mistakes and using a few tricks, you can bring your plants back to life and allow them to bloom for a long time.

  • Do you have a cactus at home? Tell yourself that he doesn’t need regular watering or a lot of water. Set it up for a few minutes in a basin of water, being careful not to wet its stems or trunk. If you are using a watering can, just moisten the soil. Drain well until there is no more water in the backing plate.
  • If you want to have healthy plants on the balcony or terrace, then you should resort to revitalization procedures, taking care to use the most appropriate fertilizers. Remember: houseplants do not need excessive fertilization, only light and regular feeding. Fertilizer is applied from spring to autumn. You should not overfeed your plants during the vegetative rest period.
  • The plants may also need to be revitalized when the pot becomes too small for the root size. Therefore, in order for the plant to recover, you need to transfer it to a more spacious container. Transplantation should be done with extreme caution so that the rootstock does not suffer.
  • In winter, most indoor plants stop growing and some lose their leaves. You have to make sure they go into hibernation: but above all, don’t throw out the container. Pots should be kept until spring. When plants come out of plant rest, they should be installed in areas with a constant temperature and watered on schedule.

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