This is how cats show their love for their owner with these 7 lovable behaviors

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Have you ever wondered if your cat loves you and is happy with you? Decode his behavior to better communicate with him.

What gestures do cats make to show you their affection?

Pets have their own way of lovingYes, because they are also able to feel love. Cats express their affection by purring, jumping, and rolling on their backs. In the world of felines, there are many ways to say “I love you” to his master, here are 7 behaviors.

affectionate cat

affectionate cat. Source: spm

  • Your cat bites you during a petting session

We tend to associate biting with negative behaviour, but cats are a little different from us. In fact, if your cat starts biting you while playing, it means that he is trying to To give you his love. This is absolutely not the same as a defensive or fear sting intended to harm you. These affectionate nibbles are a sensitive and amusing characteristic of cats. So fear not, these are just love bites.

  • Your cat scratches furniture and carpets

This is far from destructive behaviour. In fact, cats scratch furniture for the sake of it Leave their mark above and Mark their region. This is done through their legs which contain scent glands. Watch the things your cat scratches the most, these are usually the things that are most important to him and take them as his own.

cat scratching sofa

A cat scratching the sofa. Source: spm

  • Your cat kneads its claws on your thighs

From an early age, cats begin to do this Kneading with their claws on their mother’s udder when they breastfeed. In adulthood, when your cat repeats this behavior on your thighs, stomach, or clothing, it is simply His own way of saying he feels good. So he kneads with his paws Communicate their feelings with you.

  • Your cat is rolling on the ground on its back

The cat rolling on its back is excited to see you. Your cat may walk or run towards you and start rolling on the ground. About affectionate greetings Which indicates that he calls for your attention especially if he shows you his stomach.

The cat rolls on its back

The cat rolls on its back. Source: spm

  • Your cat is purring

This is one of the loudest ways cats express their love. The cat may purr sometimes when it feels uncomfortable, but this rarely happens. Most of the time, purring is a sign of that Your cat is happy to be with you. The more he does, the better!

  • Your cat is blinking

If your cat gave you long flash ‘, this is considered as Kiss. This eye contact A sign of love and trust. You can also make the same gesture, and he will fully understand that you are trying to show him your affection again.

  • Your cat licks you

Like purring, if your cat licks you a lot, that’s it A sign of tenderness and love. Thus, cats convey to you Familiar smell And that makes you important to him. It is equivalent to friendship in our language.

The cat licks its master

The cat licks its master. Source: spm

This way cats show their love can be confusing and a bit confusing for you. But once you decipher their gestures, you can get to know them better. You definitely love your cat, and it’s reassuring and fun to know that these feelings are mutual.

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