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The Bulb Trick: An effective way to reduce your electric bill every month

Apply these tips every two weeks and you will notice the difference for yourself!

Do light bulbs in your home consume a lot of electricity?

A man changes a light bulb. Source: spm

Professionals can confirm this observation: a lamp in poor condition can lose a lot of its luster.

By cleaning your light bulbs, you can Use and save low wattage lamps almost Your electricity consumption !

Reduce your electricity bill in summer and winter

Replace the lamp. Source: spm

Here are our tips for Reduce electricity costs During the winter period :

You can also take certain actions to Reducing your electricity consumption during the summer period:

Other ingenious tricks to reduce electricity consumption

Discover other ways to better optimize your electricity consumption

Did you spend a lot to stock your fridge and freezer last week? It doesn’t matter because it will save you money on your electric bill. In fact, Food acts as an insulator. Therefore, the refrigerator will not have to consume a lot of energy and time to stay cool.

To reduce electricity bills, install a clothesline in your garden and let the sun dry your laundry. If the temperatures don’t allow it, hang the laundry on a drying rack or shower bar.

Did you know that a large part of The power used by home electronics is consumed when it is turned off ? Phantom loads come from TVs, stereos, computers, and many other home appliances. So, get the reaction to plug these devices into the power strips and turn them off between each use.

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