It’s better not to have them as friends: these zodiac signs think only of their own interests

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It is true that although friendship is a beautiful thing and worthy of care, not everyone sees it with the same eye. Some people simply unable to respect the rules; Although the word seems categorical. The desire to support the other, to listen to him or to try to understand him, they do not always share. These zodiac signs in this case, due to their personality traits, don’t seem to like to make the friendship last and will tend to focus only on their own interests.

What zodiac signs are better not to have as friends?


Gemini has awesome

Gemini – Source: spm

The similarity between Gemini and two-faced is not dangerous in the case that interests us. Because even if friendship is an important thing for Gemini people, Despite everything, they have a skeptical and even cynical view of friendship. They don’t understand that one can give so much holiness to this form of intimacy and camaraderie. This doubt can also find its origin in their innate problem. Confidence in others.

They cannot imagine that one can give oneself to a friend unconditionally. And when they try to do so, the process is very laborious. They do not despise the idea of ​​friendship that they find attractive, but because of their questioning, they are rarely available to give it shape. And make it last.


Aquarius can be terrible

Aquarius – Source: spm

Aquarius representatives make no effort to interact with others according to friendly values. They focus too much on their own situation and interests. Aquarius is often selfish and not just about friends. We might even be surprised at how easily they can be so cold towards their friends and a little understanding. Not every Aquarius is of this order, but there are many. If this situation is repetitive, it may be best to give in to their lack of interest in you.


001 . scale

Libra – Source: spm

Libras often prefer to honor themselves rather than give a little attention to one another. In friendship, it is they who should receive favors and if they feel that they are not receiving enough, They gradually lose interest in friendship.

They are not against the concept of friendship because they value the idea of ​​sharing that this type of relationship offers. Libras also don’t deny that it’s okay to share things with each other. However, in absolute terms, the friendship does not seem to be made for them. It may actually be only a matter of time. before they abandon the other or betray him.

the bow

Sagittarius good news

Sagittarius – Source: spm

The friendship offered by a Sagittarius is somewhat special and has the advantage of being presented as such right from the start. In fact, it’s a sign that even though it’s not available, He has the advantage of making him known to those who want to make him a friend and confidant. He has a knack for warning the other about his way of doing before the two engage in a few moments of friendship. Some Sagittarians may describe it theatrically and dramatically by saying clearly, “I’m not a good friend, so you’d better not rely on me.” Some take him at his word. Others don’t take this statement seriously because it seems too frank to be true. We can at least give him the trait of honesty because after all, he’ll warn you.

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