How do you look taller and thinner?

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Wasn’t Mother Nature really kind to you? Know that fate can be thwarted with a few tricks and a few unexpected tricks. Yes, it is quite possible to lighten your appearance without dieting or resorting to sports. Sometimes the solution is simply in your dressing room. Follow the coach!

Learn how to “match” with your wardrobe!

Try on clothes

Trying to get dressed – Source: spm

Cleverly worn clothes help achieve the effect you’ve been looking for for so long — look taller and thinner, revealed Caroline Paley, image consultant. It gives you some little design techniques to get a more pleasing reflection in front of the mirror. ” There are tricks that we can apply every day using very few accessories. You probably already have some in your wardrobe that you probably don’t use wisely.’, she explained. By following his wise advice, you will smile again!

Take, for example, biker pants: this is a very fashionable piece of clothing. However, these pants do not fit all silhouettes. To wear it smartly, the specialist offers another way. “I work a lot on the top of the shirt, make use of the waistline with a belt, play on shoes and color my hair. Morphology is not adapted to wearing these biker pants, but by playing with the accessories my legs look slimmer and prettier! “Says.

To look taller and thinner, in addition to wearing heels, the expert recommends dark pointed pointed shoes and wide pants.

Stop the misconceptions: white does not make you fat!

Wear a white shirt

Wearing a white shirt – Source: spm

Most people think that white causes obesity, right? Well, that’s not true. ” It’s not the white per se that makes you fat, but the cut and texture of the garment. To make your body look great, you have to learn how to change the look of the piece you’re wearing‘, she insists.

To adopt the white dress according to your morphology, you must balance the outfit by wearing a loose-fitting piece married with a more structured one. For example, if you choose a wide skirt, the top should be close to the body. And if you bet on a wide shirt, then the bottom should be more suitable.

A simple belt can make the difference

When you define the waist with a belt, you immediately give the impression that you have a more toned silhouette. If you do not want to load the costume, it is possible to put the belt buckle in the back.
Tip: The shirt should always match the pants. Accessorizing with a belt on the waist, your silhouette will appear more slender and your legs will appear longer and slimmer.

As the specialist explains: “QWhen you want to determine the size, it is necessary to fold the shirt into the pants. Then, if you add the belt, the effect will be maximum. Most women are worried that by wearing tight clothing in this area, the abdomen will become more noticeable. it’s wrong. Because when we have a top that is bigger than the bottom, the size of the top is larger than the size of the bottom makes the belly look smaller instantly. »

V . neck trompe-l’oeil effect

Another great tip: Regularly bet on V-neck items that have the ability to elongate the silhouette and slim the torso. ” It can be used regardless of breast size. The important thing is how deep we want to get from this hole, and we must also take into account the shape of the object we have. In the end, all you have to do is balance the top with the bottom ‘, she continues.

How do you look taller?

Hairstyle has a role to play too!

Caroline’s last two tips are about paying attention to detail.

In particular, you can play with jacket sleeves: “To lengthen and slim your arm, you simply have to roll up the sleeves to reveal your thin wrist.”

And of course, hair has a huge impact on your appearance: the way you style your hair every day can help you look taller or thinner. But, it can also have the opposite effect by filling in your silhouette more. Thus, a ponytail or bun hairstyle will give you a more graceful and graceful headband. To maximize the effect, feel free to wear long dangling earrings.

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