Here is the reason why the rear windows of the car do not go down completely

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The side windows don’t go down completely and that hasn’t escaped your notice. However, you still can’t find an explanation for this. Finally, here is the answer you were looking for.

Why don’t the side windows go down completely?

This is a question we keep asking ourselves. Many try to explain this from their own point of view, sometimes resulting in answers that for the most part are far from consistent and logical. reason, Today we will try to answer it clearly And to prove the real reason behind this particular mechanism.

Passenger side window

Passenger side window. Source: spm

The side windows are blocked by the tailgate design

This may seem silly to you at first glance, but if the side windows remain clogged and cannot be lowered completely, It’s really because of the shape of the back doors. In fact, the latter is located above the passage of the wheels. The side windows are blocked and do not go down to the end, in order to avoid contact and collision with this mechanical part of the vehicle. You can be sure of this, by observing the design and design of your car. In fact, the front is somewhat linear which is not the case in the rear of the car. The latter takes the form of an arc, due to which the rear wheel passes.

In addition, another theory is circulated on this topic. In fact, for some, if the side windows lock up after a while, it’s only for safety reasons. This will allow, among other things, Passenger safety guaranteeWhether they are children or pets, they tend to sit in the back of the car. An explanation that, although informal, cannot be considered absurd.

What if the side window is already clogged?

Despite everything, it is possible that the side window of your car is already clogged. The cause may be a malfunction of the window motor. The latter is connected to the window regulator mechanism and operates using electric current. It also consists of a regulator as well as several gears. If your window is clogged, then it is very likely that the cause is related to a motor failure or a malfunction of the regulator seals.

In any case, the engine must be replaced so that you can open the car windows and start them. After all, a couple of so-called “emergency” temporary solutions can come in handy while you wait to be able to go to the garage.

For the first solution, turn your car’s ignition key first, then Press the “up” position of the main switch that controls the window mechanism. While holding your finger on this key, gently open and close your door, this will create a connection by breaking the motor. This will close the window until it is fixed.

For the second solution, try first Locate your window motor, It is generally located at the bottom of the door. Once located, hold your finger on the main switch by selecting the “Up” position and simultaneously clicking on the window drive area without damaging it. This will eventually allow the window to be temporarily unlocked.

Moreover, if these solutions do not work, then this simply means that the window motor is definitely malfunctioning and therefore it will have to be replaced.

car side window maintenance

Car side window maintenance. Source: spm

This is how the use and utility of the passenger side side windows will hold no secrets anymore!

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