Dirty cooker lights? Here is the most effective trick to clean it and make it look new

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The kitchen is a cozy and cheerful place, but also stressful! Sure, it’s always nice to cook for the ones we love. However, when it’s time to clean up, we’ll do just fine without it! Unfortunately, it is difficult to ignore. Removing dirt from this space is essential to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. This is the only way to maintain impeccable hygiene to keep you and your loved ones healthy. But who said it has to become a chore?

These days, there are so many natural ways to do chores that it almost becomes a piece of cake. No more tiring and hard cleaning. Thanks to some ingredients with powerful properties, you can track down dirt quickly and effectively. Today we reveal some tips for making fires and fireplace panels shine. You will be surprised by the result!

bicarbonate of soda

Baking soda – Source: spm

with baking soda

At the top of the list, the number one remedy that will definitely work for you and that will work wonders on your stove is none other than baking soda! We shouldn’t even submit it anymore. Everyone is probably familiar with this common ingredient that is frequently used in the home to facilitate various household tasks. Thanks to its degreasing, stain removal and disinfecting properties, you can easily clean stove fires.

How to proceed? Simply mix water with a little baking soda to get a thick, creamy paste. All you have to do is put it on the stove. Leave it for some time, then scrub with a sponge to remove all the dirt. Simply !

With yellow laundry soap

Did you know that yellow soap, in addition to being highly effective in a washing machine, is also very suitable for cleaning stoves? Because it is full of potassium salts and coconut oil, its cleaning and degreasing capabilities can disinfect various surfaces in the home without harming them. Yes, its effectiveness has been widely proven and one piece is enough for an excellent result!

How to proceed? Take a ball of soap and spread it on a clean, damp sponge, making it stick well. Then rub vigorously over the flames and plates. sIncision several times to remove remaining residue. Hygiene will be there!


Lemon – Source: spm

With vinegar and lemon

Another very interesting method that is characterized by a combination of choice: white vinegar with lemon. Thanks to the acidity of both, these two ingredients combined are ideal for removing grease and adding shine to your stove’s elements.

How to proceed? In a large sink, combine fires and panels. Pour over one and a half cups of vinegar with the juice of a large lemon. Then cover with boiling water and soak for a few moments so that the peel dissolves well. All you have to do is rinse and scrub to remove stain residue. As a bonus, a lemon veil will perfume the room.

with olive oil

It may sound strange to you, but olive oil is also recommended for cleaning stove fires! And for good reason: It has a powerful ability to remove grease, even without excessive rubbing.

How to proceed? You need to soak a clean towel with a little olive oil. Wrap the dishes with a towel as a form of wrapping. Leave to act for a few moments, then rinse the dishes with running water, before rubbing the remaining dirt with a sponge.

the salt

Salt – Source: spm

With salt and lemon

Finally, one last major tip emphasizing the powerful duo: fine salt and lemon!

When combined together, these two cooking ingredients are excellent at keeping track of stubborn messes. Yes, this surprises you, but you can largely rely on them to remove stubborn stains that stick to stoves. Because both have great stain removing and disinfecting properties.

How to proceed? Sprinkle a little fine salt on all the soiled parts. To make it stick, first wet it with water. Then cover the salt with lemon juice. Leave it on for a few moments and rub in gently. You will quickly notice an amazing shine!

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