Why should you always keep a toothbrush near the washing machine? The smart thing that makes life easier

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Obviously, you are not required to use those that are well installed in your bathroom. The idea isn’t to throw away your old toothbrush: you can recycle it and use it in many other smart ways at home. We explain to you.

washing machine

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Why is there a toothbrush near the washing machine?

Here is the granny trick you should adopt. When washing your clothes in the washing machine, having an old toothbrush on hand will be especially useful for removing some of the small dark spots that may contaminate the water inside and cause stains to appear on other clothes. Some often opt for pre-washing. As long as you do this, by keeping this brush on at all times, you will save time and be sure that your washing in the machine will be perfect. The technique is very simple: you must first wet the stain on the clothes, and then apply the stain remover. Simply wet the toothbrush and rub it directly onto the soiled area. Pretty smart, isn’t it?

stained clothes

stained clothes – source: spm

Washing machine: two mistakes you should never make again

Nowadays, with our busy schedule, we can no longer do without a washing machine, it is a precious ally in everyday life. Unfortunately, in a hurry or out of a lack of attention, we still often make some fatal mistakes that risk damaging our clothes as well as damaging the device. Here are two that should be banned quickly!

– To avoid unpleasant odors that appear after the washing cycle, it is important not to close the washing machine door. Allow the pot to air out, as excess moisture will lead to mold and foul odors.

Also, get in the habit of taking out your clothes as soon as they’re washed and putting them in the laundry basket. The best way to absorb moisture and odor is to leave it indoors for hours. You will then have to wash it again. Waste of time, energy and money!

worn toothbrushes

Worn toothbrushes – Source: spm

Other unknown uses for an old toothbrush

As mentioned above, the toothbrush is so versatile that you can use it for various cleaning purposes. Of course, when it is old and worn out, it is not immune to germs and bacteria. First of all, remember to sterilize it well with alcohol or bleach. You can also immerse it in boiling water for two or three minutes and then let it dry well. And as a precaution, so that no family member confuses it with a regular toothbrush, it is preferable to mark it with a marker or other distinguishing mark.

Here are 3 clever uses to make your everyday life easier:

  • to clean nails

Sometimes, even when you wash your hands well, black dirt remains embedded under the nails. Especially if it is short and especially your children. immediate solution? Your old toothbrush will do just fine. Just rub a little under the nails and you’re done!

  • to clean the bike

Do you find it difficult to clean your bike chain? True, it is rather delicate and requires some effort. Don’t worry, thanks to this little brush, the job won’t be too daunting. His hair will be able to get into the least easy corners.

  • For cleaning fruits and vegetables

Finally, it may surprise you, but your old toothbrush is also capable of cleaning potatoes or other vegetables, such as carrots or apples. Even after rinsing them well, many fruits and vegetables still have some dirt stuck in hard-to-clean areas. Thanks to the brush, you can easily reach them and get rid of all the residue.

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