Why should I keep the high light on for 5 seconds before starting? The trick that saves your car

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If you are concerned that your engine cannot start, it is wise to warm up your battery by making a simple gesture. Which ? Explanation.

What should you do before starting your car?

Despite the efforts of car manufacturers, who are constantly competing in prowess to improve the starting systems of different engines, it is not uncommon to end up with a car that refuses to start due to its low battery. especially that This kind of situation happens especially when temperatures drop The weather is getting colder and colder. Since then, the frustration begins to set in and you wonder what to do and how to react to such a situation!

The car does not start

The car that won’t start. Source: spm

Turn on the low beam headlights for 5 seconds before starting

We’re not telling you anything, cold tends to significantly weaken your car battery. These tend to It loses its strength due to low temperatures. A situation that could lead to certain malfunctions and eventually damage your vehicle’s electronics.

Thus, a simple gesture on your part will prevent this from happening and keep your car running smoothly. In fact, it will be enough Turn on the dipped headlights for five seconds before starting the vehicle. This action, however brief, acts as a discharge to give the battery an impulse and stimulate it in order to operate the starter.

Moreover, before turning on the ignition, it is advisable to turn off all electrical accessories that can consume little energy available to your battery, such as the defroster, car radio, air conditioner or fan.

start the car

Start the car. Source: spm

Some tips for starting your car in cold weather

As a knowledgeable driver, do not wait for the first difficulties to appear when starting your car before taking any action, especially as winter approaches quickly. to prevent your The car is not affected by low temperatures or night frostHere are some tips to keep in mind.

Check the battery frequently: As mentioned above, the battery is the first to feel the effects of cold. Weak, the latter will face all the difficulty in the world to begin with. So it is necessary to bring it Take special care by checking your blood pressure regularly. In fact, the latter should oscillate between 12 and 14 volts.

Choose the right engine oil: In order for your engine to be healthy, it is necessary to choose the most suitable engine oil for your car. Remember, therefore, to carefully follow the maintenance recommendations, respecting, among other things, the cold and hot viscosity index. In addition, in some cases, you will be prompted to do so Change engine oil To ensure a better start for your car and better lubricationduring the winter period.

Avoid outdoor parking: This may sound trivial, but avoid your car spending the night outside. Don’t hesitate if you can of course Park it inside your garage or underground car park. This way, your car will stay warm through the winter and you won’t have to get rid of the frost that would have covered your entire windshield every morning.

Now you know what to do before starting your car in winter weather. Feel free to follow these valuable tips to ensure proper battery and motor performance.

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