What is the true meaning of the “S” on Superman’s chest?

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The S symbol on a Superman t-shirt

S symbol on Superman’s shirt – Source: spm

What does the “S” on a Superman suit mean?

Since our childhood, we have been fond of following his wonderful adventures, both in the cinema and on television. Several movies, comic books, and series have appeared to depict the story of the Flying Man: everyone knows his spectacle-changing ego, Clark Kent, his loyal partner Lois Lane and his always-enemy Lex Luthor. But what about the famous “S” on his costume? Logically and clearly, we always thought that this letter represented the first letter of a superhero’s name. Well, obviously we were wrong. In fact, contrary to popular belief, it’s not even S.

A few years ago, American cartoonist Jeff Jones, the same person who has been drawing Superman since 2006, clarified that he was, in fact, an icon. Specifically, the letter “S” on the chest of Superman’s costume is associated with the family language of the planet Krypton and the home to which Kal-El (the Kryptonian name for Clark Kent, the alter ego of the superhero on Earth) belongs. In other words, it is a Kryptonian symbol that means “hope” and also represents the emblem of the Superman family. Thus, the directors of the comic strip imagined it as a badge of the house. Its resemblance to the letter S is just a simple coincidence, and an amazing revelation, isn’t it?

action figure superman

Superman figure – Source: spm

The author himself provided the explanation!

This interpretation also comes from the comedy itself. It was precisely the author who provided the details. In fact, The Sun reported that in 2003, DC Comics writer Mark Wade wrote a story called “Superman: Birthright.” He explains that the superhero adopts the letter “S” when he knows it symbolizes a better future. It’s about the time Clarke discovers this symbol as he uses the data board with which he traveled from Krypton to study the history of his homeland.

He then learns that the letter “S” is a sign of hope for a better future, so he decides to adopt it as the signature of his superhero costume. Moreover, at that time he wasn’t even called Superman yet: it was by seeing the crimson letter on his costume that Lois Lane had the idea to call him.

Big Superman fans will also know that this detail was quoted in the movie “Man of Steel” (2013). During a certain scene, Lois Lane questions the meaning of the symbol on her chest, and it was Superman himself who gave him this explanation.

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