This button on the kettle saves you money on the bill: most people ignore it

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For better heating, it is necessary to use the boiler well. So, this is the right thing to do.

How to set the boiler correctly to save money?

The lower the temperature, the more you feel the need to use the boiler, and therefore the greater the need to use the boiler your consumption increases energy. As a result, your electricity bills will simply risk skyrocketing. Especially since the price of energy is constantly rising! Hence the need to learn how to warm up well. Indeed, in such a situation, it is necessary to pay special attention to the modification of your boiler. This not only saves you energy but also reduces your bills at the same time. Here is the right gesture that will allow you to achieve this quickly and easily.

Boiler temperature setting

This is a job. By adjusting the temperature of the boiler, you can not only Enjoy comfortable heating but also consume as little energy as possible. However, the settings should not be made randomly. Indeed, if the boiler temperature is too low, it will not be enough to ensure optimal thermal comfort in your home. Otherwise, if the boiler temperature is too high, the energy consumption may increase significantly while affecting the boiler efficiency, which will be reduced.

Thus, it is recommended Adjusting the boiler temperature according to the type of transmitter installed in each housing. according to EDFHere are the temperatures that must be adopted in the winter according to the type of transmitter:

  • for a heated floor: set the temperature to 35 degrees;
  • For low temperature radiators: set the temperature to 45 degrees;
  • For medium temperature radiators: set the temperature between 55 and 60 degrees;
  • For high temperature radiators: set the temperature between 70 and 75 degrees.

Despite everything, these figures remain for information only and should be adapted to your needs, the insulation of your home, the power of your boiler and your daily experience. Other gestures can also let you reduce your energy bill.

Boiler temperature setting

Adjust the boiler temperature. Source: spm

Install a thermostat on the boiler and save money

As you can imagine, the thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature while keeping it at the desired level to benefit from the excellent comfort of heating. So the point of the thermostat is simple: Avoid unnecessary heating while adjusting your consumption in order to save energy.

So you can install a multi-zone thermostat with thermostatic taps that allow you to manage room temperature after room. Moreover, with the development of new technologies, more and more such thermostats are being connected. Thanks to their jobs, you will have The ability to adjust and adjust the temperature remotely using a smartphone, computer or tablet.

In addition to the thermostat, you can also install an external sensor to regulate the power of the boiler according to the climate, especially during severe winter cold periods. So the external sensor allows you to measure the outside temperature by transmitting it to your boiler. this way, The boiler will be able to anticipate climate changes by adapting the ambient temperature according to the needs. This procedure ensures excellent heating comfort while minimizing energy losses.

As you understand, by setting the boiler to the appropriate temperature, you will be able to enjoy optimal comfort for heating according to your needs, but also to save energy and thus reduce electricity bills when heating.winter period.

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