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According to astrology, the way you face difficulties depends on your birthday but also on the position of the stars in the sky. During October, the full moon in Aries, as well as the sun in Scorpio, presents certain signs of the zodiac with the possibility of overcoming themselves to solve problems and overcome many obstacles. Find out if you are one of the lucky ones!

Life can be filled with unexpected changes and more or less annoying moments. In any case, a flexible and optimistic state of mind makes it possible to manage such situations better rather than run away from them. This is the case for some of the signs of the zodiac that will choose to take action over the next three weeks. Instead of ruminating on negative thoughts and thoughts.

What zodiac signs will be able to breathe in October?

The stars will prefer four signs of the zodiac in October. With the positive influence of the full moon, they will be able to restore order in their professional and personal lives but also in their finances.


The lion turned upside down

Lion. Source: spm

October will be loaded with twists and turns for Leo. This habitat of the zodiac, the hard worker, will have to face unexpected events of all kinds on a professional level. For example, he will have to relaunch a suspended project without having all the means to achieve it. Until October 23, the Venus/Mars binary is positioned as support and provides good ideas going forward. Thus he will succeed in revising his goals, in structuring his actions by drawing up an ambitious plan. Although the situation is tough most of the time, this fire sign will find the right solutions fairly quickly. On the other hand, he should leave aside some sensibilities so as not to get himself into trouble again.


Libra august

Balance. Source: spm

The sign of Libra will experience a surge of energy in October. With his well-developed sense of connection, this air sign will find the right words to come to terms with people in his close circle. Thus, this favorable atmosphere of the full moon will have a positive effect on his career. More open, Libra will be able to forge new bonds at work. She may even appear as the winner of a big financial deal. Venus will also have a good effect on his love life. After a very complicated phase or a romantic breakup, you will finally be able to find happiness in this second month of autumn.

the Bull

the Bull

the Bull. Source: spm

October increases the practicality of Taurus tenfold. This Earth sign, who loves to do things by the rules, will show rigor and organization in everything he does. With the support of the stars during the month of October, Taurus will be able to change all difficulties into suitable and thoughtful solutions. Pluto invites him to give the time necessary for each of his actions to obtain promising results in the short term. On a personal level, this sign of the zodiac after a long wait will finally be able to realize a joint project with his soulmate. It will be a step or a journey in the making.


Aquarius 1

Aquarius. Source: spm

Finally, the Aquarius sign will also be able to stand out this month with a free and creative spirit. Binomial Venus and Jupiter, associated with the positive energies of the full moon, will provide him with all the means to realize his dreams. Despite the setbacks encountered during the previous period, Aquarius will be able to approach the right people to simplify their financial and administrative processes. Everything will run like clockwork for this Air brand that has a habit of giving in at the slightest constraint. His responsibilities will increase over the next few weeks, thanks to his steadfast determination.

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