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Is heating water in a microwave more economical than using a kettle?

Heating water is a task that most of us do at least once a day. But what is the most economical solution in this case? Microwave or electric kettle?

Microwave or kettle: which method is more economical?

Each electrical device uses a different amount of energy to perform the same task, which means that the cost of using it also varies. However, with energy prices on the rise, the costs associated with using these devices have never been greater. But If the kettle The most used device for water heatingIs that all of that?And the Ie more economical ? Or is it better to use a microwave?

Microwave and electric kettle. Source: spm

The American site specializing in sustainable development “Treehugger” decided to conduct tests in this direction in order to be able to give as accurate answers as possible. This test was performed by taking 350 ml of water at room temperature (17 ° C) is equivalent to a cup of tea and is You have been worns boiling (100°C) Using an electric kettle and microwave.

By measuring the power consumption of the two devices, the conclusion was as follows: kettle It is the most economical device for water heating. In addition to being specifically designed for this purpose, the latter is also the fastest way to achieve this, thanks to these heating resistors. During the test, the device took two minutes to heat the water, which equates to 0.04 kWh of energy.

On the other hand, it will be necessary three minutes in the microwave Boil 350mlThat is, with an electricity consumption of 0.07 kilowatt-hours.

cup of water in the microwave. Source: spm

Although it has been proven in this case kettle I was More economical than microwave to boil waterIt should be noted that we regularly tend to heat more water than necessary, especially when using an electric kettle. On the contrary, when using a microwave, care is generally taken to only heat The amount of water you actually need.

In light of all this information, it would be good prefer kettle to Boil a lot of waterOn the contrary, if you plan to make a cup of tea for example, it will be more It is useful to choose the microwave. This will make it possible to achieve very small savings in our water consumption, but it may be significant in the long run.

Whether you are using a microwave or an electric kettle, follow the correct gestures and reactions, by heating only the amount of water you will need to avoid any water wastage and save money at the same time.

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