How do you get rid of weeds naturally? Thanks to the product in every home

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Whether in gardens, lawns, or vegetable patches, weeds tend to grow everywhere and spoil the green and flowering landscapes outside. Additionally, choosing the right ingredients and the right tools is essential for a deep and natural weeding procedure.

How to eliminate weeds with natural ingredients?

Despite all efforts to get it out, weeds always find a way to come back and grow in paths, plant soils, and terraces. In order to effectively eliminate them, there is no such thing as natural products that perfectly replace chemical herbicides. Here is an example of a 100% natural ingredient.

  • White vinegar, ideal for killing weeds

white vinegar

white vinegar; Source: spm

White vinegar remains the best remedy for eliminating all the weeds that call themselves into your garden. For this purpose, simply pour 1 liter of this versatile product directly onto the weed affected areas. You can also use a spray bottle to easily apply the solution. The acidity of the vinegar allows to deeply remove all weeds, including the roots. To improve its effectiveness, sunny days are preferred. With heat, it will wilt and turn yellow after a few days. All you have to do is take them out.

Other Natural Products You Can Apply to Weeds

Like white vinegar, there are many other solutions for making a natural herbicide. By placing it directly on the weeds, the soil in your garden will be better maintained and more aerated.

  • Cooking water is a powerful ally against weeds

macaroni cooking water

spaghetti cooking water – source: spm

Cooking water from rice, pasta, and vegetables can be used to eliminate weeds. This salt water, rich in starch, will act as a natural weed killer by destroying these young leaves from the roots. To do this, simply pour the still-boiling cooking water directly onto the weeds, being careful not to touch the neighboring plants. The result is instant. but, It is recommended to test this method on isolated weeds located in a driveway or balcony so as not to damage your plants.

  • Salt is the kitchen ingredient that effectively kills weeds

Another herbicide can be found in every kitchen. It is indeed salt, a product with many virtues in heaven. before starting, Remove the soil from the base of the roots using a pitchfork and then cut the stem close to the ground. Then pour in salt that targets the pieces to effectively eliminate these intruders. It is also possible to pour sea water, which, due to its high sodium content, can, like salt, have incredible weed-killing power.

  • Nettle dung, a solution to eliminate weeds without effort

Nettle fertilizer

Nettle fertilizer – Source: spm

In addition to being a natural fertilizer and pest control, nettle compost is a very useful preparation for removing weeds from the soil in your garden. So, Dilute 1 kg of nettle leaves in 10 liters of water before stirring the mixture. Let the solution sit for ten days. Once the fermentation process is complete, strain the liquid through a cloth. All you have to do is apply the lotion to the weeds in the garden.

What are the basic tools to get rid of weeds?

In order to effectively remove the soil of your garden, equip yourself with an arsenal consisting of two basic tools, namely: Pickaxe and grass. Unlike some tools that cut the roots of weeds and thus cause their reproduction, The hoe makes it possible to fight the bad guys by ripping them off at the root. The weeder will release the soil by eliminating weeds on the surface without turning the soil over. One thing is for sure, these two tools are essential to effectively performing any weeding process.

There are several tricks you can use to get rid of weeds effectively. But the best way to overcome it is to take care of it at the beginning of the road. To delay their emergence, feel free to mulch the soil to delay their emergence.

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