Why is it important to plant plastic bottles in the garden in October?

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When the temperature begins to drop, it is important to identify cool plants in the garden to protect them from the cold. This is advice To keep your garden plants warm, even when temperatures drop.

What is the benefit of your garden plants from growing plastic bottles in October?

If you have plants in your garden that cannot tolerate cold, it is recommended Protect them with a plastic bottle. The no-waste tip will allow you to cover your plants and keep them warm. All you need is a large plastic bottle and scissors. Cut the bottom of the bottle And keep the top that contains the neck. Remove the bottle cap to allow air to circulate And not stifling the plant, Then place this half of the bottle on the plant you want to protect from the cold. Pack the soil well so that the bottle will stay in place despite the wind.

Plastic bottles to protect young shoots

Plastic bottles to protect young shoots. Source: spm

This trick is especially recommended in winter, to protect cold plants from cold spells. If your plastic bottles are foggy, fear not. This water vapor will sink to the ground And moisturize your plants. After a cold snap, be careful Do not remove plastic bottles suddenly. Plants need to gradually acclimatize to the new climate.

What other tips do you have for protecting plants from the cold?

Besides using plastic bottles, there are other tricks to protect your plants from the cold.

If they are deciduous plants, i.e. plants that lose their leaves, more resistant to cold, Evergreen plants are more sensitive to cold weather and frost. In fact, the gel crystallizes the water contained in the sap. Thus, the volume of the sap increases, which can Plant cells blew.

  • Mulch to protect plants from cold

Plants planted in the ground can be easily protected By covering the plant, It consists of a carpet of dead leaves, bark, or even manure or flax mulch. So you not only protect the roots of plants from the cold, But you are also fertilizing your plants. In fact, plant brushes are a good fertilizer.

  • Use a protective veil for fragile plants

In case of extreme cold, it is recommended to protect your fragile plants, such as tropical plants, With a protective veil. Then the aerial parts of the plant are covered with this veil which has the advantage to allow water to pass through.

Protect plants from cold

Protect plants from cold. Source: spm

  • Use a cloth to protect the plants

You can cover young plants in the garden with inverted glass or bamboo veneer, which will protect your plants from cold and frost.

  • Use newspaper to pot plants

To protect your potted plants that you keep outside, Wrap newspaper around the jar. It is also advisable to raise the pots with bricks or pegs, to isolate them from the earth Thus preventing the water in the dish from freezing. Besides, it is important to remove the saucer.

Thanks to these solutions, you will protect your cool plants from the cold, when temperatures begin to drop in October. You will be able to spend the winter in complete peace.

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