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Why does the washing machine vibrate even on a flat floor? It’s because of a mistake that not many people notice

During the wash cycle, you may notice that the washer is shaking noisily or moving. This problem can affect even new washing machines. Below are the elements that may be responsible for these repetitive and annoying movements.

washing machine. Source: spm

Why does the washing machine vibrate even on a flat floor?

If your machine vibrates or shifts, especially during the spin cycle, it could be because the washer feet are not set properly. The washing machine should be laid flat. This is to keep the roller parallel to the ground. To do this, simply adjust the height of the feet to keep the washing machine in a horizontal position. This setting is important because it stabilizes the washing machine It is not wobbly. To check that the washing machine is positioned correctly, place a water scale on top of the washer and adjust the foot pads, So you get a perfect horizontal. Don’t hesitate to replace your washer pads if you notice that they are damaged.

For optimal adjustment of the foot, it is important That your floor is straight and straight. It is also better to have a non-slip concrete floor or a solid tile floor, To prevent movement of the washing machine.

What are the other reasons for the movements of the washing machine?

In addition to incorrect adjustment of the feet of the washing machine, there are other reasons that can explain the constant vibrations or movements of the washer during the wash cycle.

If the new washer moves, it vibrates in all directions and is also noisy, This means that you have not jailbroken your device. Washing machines are equipped with a locking system To prevent them from being damaged during transportation. Thus, the cylinder is fixed with safety bolts. So and to unlock the washing machine, simply removebe safety screw, before using the device for the first time. To remove them, simply use a wrench. Feel free to check the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damaging your washer.

Put the laundry in the washing machine. Source: spm

If you load the washing machine drum too much, your machine may vibrate and moving abnormally. Hence the importance of respecting the maximum amount of laundry The washing machine drum can handle it.

trick: To avoid unwanted movement, Avoid washing large items of laundry such as Quilts or rugs alone. This can lead to an imbalance during rotation, i.e. an imbalance during rotation. Heavy laundry that may collect on one side of the washing machine. It is therefore advisable to wash heavy laundry with smaller items, always making sure Do not overload the cylinder.

Allow shock absorption To install the washing machine tub that covers the drum, thus easing its movement. Over time and after several uses, it can become damaged. To be sure, simply unplug and disassemble your device to check the condition of the shock absorbers Replace the ones that appear defective or damaged.

When the pump filter is clogged, The water takes time to drain. It is this buildup of water that can cause the drum to become unbalanced during the spin cycle and cause your equipment to move. To avoid this, simply disassemble the filter and clean it well. Once you perform this procedure, you can recompile it Ensure that it is securely attached

By paying attention to these small technical details, you will be able to take care of your household appliances, thus avoiding vibrations and other movements during wash cycles.

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