Which car should move first to eliminate traffic congestion?

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Do you like taking on challenges? Puzzles are a great way to do that. They come in many forms: Sudoku, crossword puzzles, puzzles, optical illusions and other challenges. They all have the ability to stimulate a part of the brain that is not used on a daily basis, especially when you spend all day working mechanically behind a computer. Come on, it’s time to relax and test your visual and brain performance with these two puzzles that set the web on fire. We are counting on you to take up the challenge and find the right answers!

Which car should move first so that there is no traffic jam?

In this first challenge, as you can see in the photo, there was a traffic jam at an intersection. Moreover, this is a very common situation in everyday life. However, we don’t always have enough hindsight to solve the problem. However, here you can try to find the solution. It only takes one car to move, for others to get out of traffic and resume their journey quietly. Your challenge: You must decide which car has to move first to save the day.

Focus as much as possible, notice the situation that presents you and try to visualize in your mind the different possible scenarios. Admittedly, the exercise is not so simple, because the majority did not manage to solve the problem. If you can mentally move the car fast, you could be a genius!

Think carefully before you say. But don’t make it difficult for yourself, either. Sometimes, in this type of visual puzzle, the solution is obvious, when we tend to look too far and get distracted.


Riddle image – Source: spm

Have you already found the correct answer? Encourage ! But, are you absolutely sure you got it right? What famous car should move first to make the road smoother? Well, the car in question was G. By reversing, it is this red car that can break the traffic jam and thus allow other cars to move around more easily.

If you have correctly pointed your finger at this car, we congratulate you for your agility and excellent reaction. If you make a mistake, that’s okay, and you’ll be better next time. You just have to walk around and practice more in this type of visual puzzle to get the right cognitive reactions.


Traffic congestion problem solving – Source: spm


Traffic congestion problem solving – Source: spm


Traffic congestion problem solving – Source: spm


Traffic congestion problem solving – Source: spm

New challenge: which container will be filled first?

Specifically, as long as you’re there, keep going with this second challenge! However, this can be a little trickier: but if you take your time answering and heighten your senses, you’ll probably solve the puzzle faster than you thought. It is up to you to show your insight and logical mind.

Your goal is simple: take a closer look at the picture and decide which containers to fill with water first.


Containers – Source: spm

Warning: This puzzle is rather complicated and has caused a lot of trouble to many internet users. If you are detail-oriented and have a spirit of perfection, you will definitely have no problem finding the solution. Simple hint: if you look carefully, you will notice that some containers are sealed in different places. This is important data to guide you and don’t waste much time!

Therefore it is necessary to think carefully and not rush to solve the problem, focus fully and try to imagine the different possibilities in your mind. Knowing that only one path is possible for the flow of water.

Here is the solution:

So where are you, did you manage to identify the correct container or are you giving your tongue to the cat? We realize that, and it’s far from easy, because the picture is confusing and makes us lose track of it.

We will now comfort you by giving you the correct answer. The container was F! Water can only go from container L to container F because the entrance to container H is closed. Now, thanks to this new data, go back to the picture and you will already see that this is the only possible result.

If you have the correct answer, you can be convinced that you have solved this difficult puzzle after a few minutes. If not, don’t be discouraged. Keep challenging yourself and your loved ones with these visual puzzles. Not only is it fun and entertaining, but it also saves the brain by making it work regularly.

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