What is the difference between standard fuel and premium fuel? The details that make the difference

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Although premium fuel has great benefits, many drivers question whether it is worth paying more. In fact, the difference is relatively unknown even to the most experienced drivers. If you’ve ever wondered about this, find out the answer!

service station

service station. Source: spm

Does the type of fuel affect your car?

Do you know ? The fuel you choose affects not only the life of your car, but also its performance on the road.

Indeed, experienced mechanics can confirm this: many cars had problems caused by poor fuel quality, even if they traveled less than 100,000 km!

In order for your car to have proper handling, a longer life, and fewer problems, you need to choose an excellent fuel. However, it is important to clarify some points.

Stock up on fuel

Stock up on fuel. Source: spm

Often, at service stations, premium fuel is offered as part of a promotion that glorifies its merits. On the other hand, their high prices make drivers think twice before checking out. Then a legitimate question arises: Is the fuel really worth the extra asking price? Yes and no. In fact, if you own a so-called “regular” car, you won’t see any significant benefit from using the extra fuel.

On the other hand, if you are driving a high-performance car whose engine has a high compression ratio, it is recommended to fill it with premium fuel if the manufacturer recommends it. Thus, it is better to protect the engine, reduce consumption and polluting emissions, avoid the risk of flooding, and finally, you are entitled to a less persistent fuel smell.

Stock up on premium fuel

Stock up on premium fuel. Source: spm

Fuel selection: What is the difference between standard and premium gasoline?

On a technical level, the most notable difference between premium fuel and regular gasoline is that the former has a generally higher octane number (99 and even more than 100). On the other hand, regular gasoline has an octane rating of 95.

In its basic sense, The octane number is a critical factor in gasoline’s resistance to spontaneous ignition in a high-compression ratio engine. Thus, a higher octane number means greater power, better combustion and greater traction. In short, a higher octane number means better engine performance.

What is the difference between standard diesel and extra diesel?

Premium diesel advantage? It’s an additive! This is a group of compounds that clean the fuel system and combustion chambers in cylinders. We remind you that you will not feel any difference in the general operation of your car regardless of the type of diesel used. On the other hand, the regular use of the so-called “additive” premium diesel greatly contributes to the cleaning of the engine and fuel system, with long-term advantages.

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