Those who do the work at home and forget this requirement, risk 3 years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.

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Decide, it’s time to do some renovation work on your home. To do this, you must not go beyond the legal framework and avoid any litigation.

What should be avoided when doing work at home?

What could be better than enjoying a completely insulated home, especially when the thermometer keeps dropping? In fact, not everyone has the privilege to enjoy a home with excellent thermal insulation. In such a situation, some people tend to do this Insulation or renovation work to improve the comfort of their homes and saving Reduce the cost of energy bills. But before you even think about it, some actions should be taken to avoid any litigation while getting the work done.

Requiring unauthorized labor for renovations can cost you dearly!

Renovations may cost you more than you can imagine. In fact, one bad decision may hurt you. In other words, You must stay within the legal framework by avoiding the use of unauthorized workotherwise known as “black work”.

As you can imagine, some craftsmen do not hesitate to offer unbeatable prices, using this kind of practice. If so, feel free for a second about it Reject even if the prospect of some extra savings seems tempting. Because in the event of an accident on the job, you will not be covered. And this could have serious consequences, because you take a risk, according to the site From the Ministry of Labour, Full Employment and Integration:

  • Imprisonment for up to 3 months;
  • A fine of up to 45 thousand euros.

Furthermore, in the event of a dispute relating to this same business, you will not be covered by any insurance.

The craftsman does the work at home

The craftsman does the work at home. Source: spm

What steps should you take before you start working in your home?

As you can imagine, it is necessary to adopt some feedback in order to ensure the proper functioning of your home. Here are the right decisions to make in this situation.

Contact an RGE specialist for your business

This is a critical choice to make before embarking on renovation work on your home. In fact, choosing a professional is essential, not just anyone else.

To ensure that your business meets all standards both in terms of efficiency and quality, Feel free to call an RGE certified craftsman, otherwise a Recognized Guarantor of the Environment (RGE) . Recognized by the state, this certification certifies the skills and knowledge of professionals, particularly in relation to environmental protection.

In this regard, you can check the reliability of the RGE craftsman by going to the “France Rénov” website for a guide to qualified craftsmen.

Request an estimate and check it before doing the work

Before proceeding to the start of work, the craftsman you ordered must send you an estimate. In this case, he must Go to your house to make their first notes based on the characteristics of your house. From then on, he will be able to make his estimate and send it to you.

Once the estimate is signed, the craftsman can begin renovation work. Generally, a deposit is paid before the start of work, and the rest is paid as soon as the end of work is registered.

However, to be compatible, the estimate must provide some mandatory information, including:

  • Company name and contact details;
  • value added tax number;
  • Ten-year guarantee: insurance covering work 10 years after the end of the project;
  • Project start and end date;
  • quotation validity period;
  • The price of materials and labor (excluding and including taxes);
  • Payment Terms ;
  • Make and model of all composite materials and/or equipment;
  • The address of the home in which the business takes place.

If any of this information is missing, avoid signing the quote and ask for a new one, including the missing information this time.

The craftsman presents a quote to the couple

The artisan offers a quote to the couple. Source: spm

By making the right decisions before doing the renovation work, you will avoid some of the problems that would otherwise do without!

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