This little mistake you make on your TV increases your electric bill

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Can you reduce your electricity bills while making full use of your TV? Let’s find out.

How a simple mistake in his TV increases the electricity bill?

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Even though it is on standby or off, some appliances like oven, dryer or internet box continue to consume power. How is that possible ? In fact, it is due to the flow of residual current. In other words, When the circuit is open, even if it does not rotate, a weak current spreads, thereby supplying the device. You will have understood: this is the case for a TV in standby mode. So unplug the TV and any appliances when you’re not using them to save on electricity bills.

How do you reduce the power consumption of your TV?

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Television. Source: spm

Discover these simple and practical tips to reduce your TV’s energy consumption, and thus your electricity bill!

Reduce the brightness of the TV

Proportionality is the relationship between screen brightness and power consumption: the higher the first brightness, the higher the second. Dim the brightness to save energy? I understood everything! To do this, go to the brightness setting in the TV menu. Finally, some TVs are equipped with a sensor that measures the ambient light in the room to automatically adapt the brightness.

Dim the picture when listening to music on the TV

If you often turn on the TV to listen to music, radio shows or podcasts on streaming platforms, then the images do not play a role and therefore you can completely darken the screen. Most TVs have a special setup to do this. If you do not have this option, you can go to the picture settings and set the brightness to a minimum.

Set the TV sleep timer

Sometimes, when we watch TV before bed, we wake up later on the couch to realize we forgot to turn off the TV. Does this happen to you often, you say? We recommend activating the sleep timer. This way, you can ensure that the TV turns off automatically if it does not detect any activity for the period of time that you have set.

Buying a new TV

Compared to old TVs, new TVs do not consume much energy and, as a result, cost less money per year. In fact, the amount of power a TV consumes mainly depends on the screen size as well as the power label. for example, A small TV with an A++ label is the most energy efficient, while a large TV with an E label remains the most energy efficient. Finally, if you plan to buy a new TV, choose Ultra HD, LED, or OLED, rather than an LCD, Plasma, or CRT TV.

We hope these tips help you Make better use of your TV and save several euros in the long run!

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