Don’t throw away your old keys: Here are 4 clever ways to reuse them

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It is not uncommon to throw old things in the trash. However, with some creativity, it can be recycled. With a simple movement, you will not only create new useful things, but also participate in protecting the environment.

So what do you do with old, unusable keys?

Believe it or not, keys are recyclable things like plastic bottles, your kids’ toys, or your kitchen utensils. Here are 4 creative ideas for reusing at home.

  • Add a decorative touch to your home with vintage keys

Old keys in a white frame

Old keys in a white frame. Source: spm

You can add a splash of color to your bedroom or living room with old switches. If you have line art, Just apply nail polish of the color of your choice on your keys, to turn them into decorative objects. You can even add rhinestones and sequins to it, and finally stick it on a frame. In the same way, glasses, vases or salad bowls can be customized.

  • Make imitation jewelry with old keys

key necklace

Key necklace. Source: spm

If you have keys somewhere, you can always turn them into antique jewelry: a necklace, bracelet or earrings. Just collect your most beautiful keys and cover them with a layer of gold or silver and then hang them on a chain of the same color or on a wire of a different color. Feel free to add small beads to your chain for a bracelet. For more originality, feel free to put several keys of different sizes on the same chain.

  • Reach inaccessible corners of the house with old keys

Old keys can also be used for cleaning. Some corners of the house are difficult to reach and may be impossible to maintain. So these accessories will help you greatly in removing the dirt covered on the joints, window lines, small openings as well as the grooves in some pieces of furniture. To do this, simply scratch the affected area using your key. Once you remove the remaining dust and dirt, you can clean the surfaces as usual.

  • Use old keys as zippers

The key is in the leather pocket

The key is in the leather pocket. Source: spm

If your bag’s zipper suddenly breaks, you can always replace it with an old key. However, this will depend on the shape of the slider and the diameter of its holes. It can also be hung on a zipper in perfect condition to decorate the closure. Simply pass a key ring over the latter to make a new original draw. This last trick can also help you open your handbag more easily.

From now on, you will not hesitate to convert a file Old keys in useful and decorative objects. These accessories, which were only used to lock and unlock doors and drawers, can be reused in a clever way.

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